All numbering for the trees is shown thus:
Branch of the family
F = Freemantle;   H = Howard;   M = May;   N = Nolan;   W = Warner
e.g. N1/; F6/ ; W3/ ; M2/; H2/;
Direct descent applicable to compiler or of most interest:     
[1];  [2];  [3]; etc.      
   ( 1st Generation) 
 e.g F3/ 2.[9] ...; or  H2/2.[2] ..;
Generation number from when traced  
(1);  (2);  (3);  (4);  etc.
   ( 2nd Generation)  
e.g. F1/[1][2]; or F1/[1](2)
Children of the 2nd Generation   
1 ;  2 ;  3 ;  4 ; etc.  
  (3rd Generation)  
e.g  F3/3.[2]3   or  F3/3.[3][5]
Following generations:
A ; B ; C ; D ; etc.  
   (4th Generation)
e.g. H1/4.[4]A  or H1/4.[4][6]
(i.e. their children)  
[A]; [B]; [C]; [D]; etc.
   (5th Generation)  
e.g. N2/5.C[A]  or N2/5.D[B]
a;  b;  c;  d;  e; etc.
e.g. F6/6.[B]a or W2/6.[G]b
 [1a];  [2b];  [1c];  [3d];  etc
   (7th Generation) 
e.g. M3/7.a[1a]  or W3/7ca[2a]
(1a;) (1b); (2a); (3c); ad etc.
   (8th Generation onwards) 
e.g. M4/8.[1a](1a) or H2/[2a](1c)      
[Continuing as before with letter denoting 'generation above' followed by that for the                        
individual as required, plus extra a,b,c if number is already used.]                                                              
More distant relatives or cousins donated 
c. 1 ; c.2 ; c. 3  and their children
(a); (b) ; (c) etc. and their
grandchildren (i); (ii); (iii) (iv)
Note to assist understanding numbering:
e.g F/1  = First section of each family; F/2 the second section
e.g.   6  = 6th Generation
e.g. [4] = 4th in direct line or interest
Consequently, the last figure represents the individual and the previous one his father's individual number, which is taken and placed before his own each time.
Note:  1820 Settlers are marked *