Because our family has been 'thrown to the winds' as it were and now live in far away places so that I do not see much of any of them, this is what I wrote, as an introduction to our family tree and history, to my grandchild when I first put the family collection onto computer files for her and/or any others; whoever else might be interested:
Once upon a time, a very long time ago, when I was a small child, I would sit on my Granny's knee and she would tell me stories.  Mostly they were anecdotes about the family.  I greatly enjoyed listening to her and I really wish that I could remember more of the stories that she told me.  I have no doubt that she spoiled and indulged me excessively; but I loved her dearly and she was the centre of my world whenever she stayed with my parents, which she did from time to time, living with us for several months at a time, before moving on to visit one of her other daughters or her son.  I have been told that each time she went away from our house, I would continually run to the window crying for her, 'Gran, Gran, come back to Roos!' because each time her visit came to an end I was quite heart-broken.
However, she was really rather naughty in a way because she had favourites.  She certainly loved some of her daughters more than others and some of her grandchildren better than others.  Consequently, although I always felt so special when she would say, 'Of all my Grandchildren, I love Helen and you the best!'  I knew that this was not really very nice for the others and it gave me a sneaking feeling of guilt.
Only many years later did I realise that she had not had an easy life because her husband was an alcoholic.  They had nine children (six girls: Gladys, Winifred, Flossie, Phyllis, Muriel and Doris and three boys: Jack, Harry and then Stanley, who was the youngest and unfortunately according to my mother's account, was affected mentally by meningitis in childhood, so that he needed constant attention until the age of about 20 or so, when he died.)
Although my Grandmother's name was Emmeline May and her friends all called her May, her children all had a special name for her, never calling her Mum or Mother, but always 'Darling', as if that was her given name.