W5/6.[5][Q] Walter Ernest Warner =  Florence Howard
                         (1870 - 1975)    [m.1898]  (1870 - 1946)
Walter Ernest Warner was the sixth child and fourth son of Ebenezer Joseph Warner and Emma Ruth Jenkins Warner nee Bradfield.   He was born on 6.7.1870 near Queenstown, Eastern Province and was christened there but the date and church has not been traced.  He was educated at Lovedale College and became an attorney and a Justice of the Peace; also the Mayor of Idutywa for a good number of years, from 1913 to 1941.
On 12.7.1898 he married in King William's Town, Eastern province Florence Howard, the daughter of Josias Howard and Julia Martha Howard nee Wright and granddaughter of Henry Howard and Susannah Howard nee Pound of Plymouth, England.  She was born                         on 9. 8.1870 in King William's Town, Eastern Province.
Walter Ernest Warner died on 2. 5.1975 in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Province, where he had been living with his granddaughter, Fay Walsh, tweny nine years after the death of his wife, Florence Howard who died in May 1946 in Umtata, Transkei.  They had three children:
When we were travelling around South Africa in our small Kombi van-cum-caravan seeking information and making connections with various family members, we called in to visit Uncle Walter who was living with his granddaughter, Fay Walsh in Port Elizabeth.  At that time he was already 102 years old and he died almost three years later, just before his 105th birthday.  He was remarkably healthy and agile, although a bit deaf, so he would rise from his chair, tidy the mat at his feet and politely come to stand next to the speaker in order to hear what was being said.  He was also a bit forgetful of the past, which proved to be rather a disappointment to us as we had high hopes he would be able to sort out some of the facts we needed for the tree.  For instance, we asked him if he remembered my grandfather, Henry M.B. Howard; at first he said he didn't, but a while later he got up again and stood waiting for a break in the conversation, then said, 'Yes, I remember him.  I was articled to him.'  But he did not seem to recall that, being married to his sister, May, he was a brother-in-law!  Fay told us that he lived by the clock, even keeping tabs on her children's time for returning from school if they were late and as we were leaving after this delightful meeting with Fay, the children, Robert and Linda, and Uncle Walter Phillip said to the old man, 'Well, Uncle Walter now you can relax and have a drink' (because Fay had mention that he always had two drinks each evening, one at 6 p.m. and the second at 6.30) and he replied 'It is still half an hour before then!'  At the time, Fay told us, he still typed his own business letters, read the headlines in the newspapers and followed the stock exchange prices! 
In 1970, at the time when there were celebrations for 150 years since the 1820 Settlers had arrived in that part of the country and many reports in the local newspapers, Robert contacted one paper to tell them that his grandfather, who was a grandson of a Settler, was living with them, but the editor informed him that they knew of a son of a Settler who was still alive.  Amazing!
The children of Walter Ernest Warner  and  Florence Howard were:
         W5/7.[Q]h    Clare Warner
                             b. 21.9.1899 King William's Town, Eastern Cape.
                        m. 21.2.1928 Idutywa, Transkei              
                            (1st) James Rayment  - trader
                             b. 14. 5.1891 Briedbach
d.      6. 4.1951 Idutywa, Transkei
They had 3 children;
c.1. Brian Rayment b. 21.12.1930
                                m. 18.6.1960 East London, E.P.
                                 Sybil Fenner b. 9. 3. ?
       Three children: (i)  Jennifer Rayment b. 2.6.1961
                                 (ii) Heather Rayment b. 1.5.1964
                                 (iii)Gordon Rayment b. 2.6/1970
                                     c.2. Donald Rayment b. 24.3.1933 Idutywa
                                                                        m. 8.4.1962 Iduytwa
                                                                        Merle Egloff b. 27.3.1941
                                           One child:            (i)Andrew Rayment b. 23.5.1963
c.3. Dulcie Rayment  b.  5.6.1934 Idutywa, Transkei
                                                                       m. 31.3.1956 Idutywa, Transkei
                                                                        Norman Werner
                                                                        b. 5. 7. 1927 East London?
                                   Three children:   (i) Duncan Werner b. 21. 10. 1960                   (adopted)
                                                               (ii) Brenda Werner b. 26.2.1963
                                                               (iii) Peter Werner b. 28.7.1964
               Clare Warner remarried  on 25.7.1969 in Idutywa, Transkei
                                 (2nd) Kenneth Scott  -  Bank Manager
                               b. 22.10.1909 Cape Town
                         d. 22.10.1976 Port Elizabeth
                              No issue of this marriage
W5/7.[Q]i              Hazel Warner
                              b. 16.11.1904 Idutywa, Transkei
                         m. 29. 1.1929 Idutywa, Transkei
                         Aubrey Phillips
                                They had 3 children:
                                    c.1. Fay Phillips - Teacher
                                           b. 2. 4.1930 Idutywa, Transkei
                                           m. 15.1.1955 Pietermaritzburg, Natal
                                           Robert Welsh - Teacher
                                           b. 23.12.1930 Flagstaff, Cape Province
                                           Two children: (i) Robert Welsh
                                                                       b. 29.10.1955 Butterworth, Transkei
                                                                   (ii) Linda Welsh
                                                                        b. 2. 4. 1958 Port Elizabeth, E. P.
                                    c.2. Lois Phillips
                                            b. 8.2.1934 Idutywa, Transkei
m.                              Idutywa, Transkei
Gordon Kevan - Superintendent of  G.P.O.
                            Telegraph Section
b. 18.4.1924
Three children; (i) Patrick Kevan
                              b. 22.12.1955, East London, E.P.
                          (ii) Raymond Kevan
                               b. 25.7.1957, East London, E.P.
                          (iii) Sandra Kevan
                               b. 15. 3. 1966, Durban,
                                    c.3. Trevor Phillips - Medical Representative
                                           b. 16.7.1940 Idutywa, Transkei
                                           m.Arlette Bouton
                                           b. 17.3.1942 Vacoes, Mauritius
                                           Three children: (i) Bruce Phillips
                                                                         b. 15.7.1963 Durban, Natal
                                                                     (ii) Tanya Phillips
                                                                         b. 16.10.1966 Port Elizabeth, E.P.
                                                                     (iii) Gavin Phillips
                                                                         b. 3. 3.1971, Durban, Natal
          W5/7.[Q]j    Brian Cyril Warner  - Civil Engineer                         
                        b. 25. 7.1913 Idutywa, Transkei
                        m. 10. 4.1950 Johannesburg, Transvaal
                                Mary Boast
                                b. 10. 7.1925
                                d. 17. 4. 2009
                        They had four children:
          W5/8.j[l]      Rodney Warner   - Management Consultant
                                                b.12.9.1951 Johannesburg, Transvaal
                                    m. 30.3.1974 Benoni, Transvaal
                                                Lynette Crooks, daughter of Noel and Mary Crooks
                                    b. 14. 6.1952 England - Environmental Geographer
They have 2 children:
                                                W5/9.[l]6a             Cynthia Mary Warner
                                                                                 b. 9. 10.1978, Edenvale, Transvaal
W5/9.[l]6b             Bronwen Warner
                                                b. 28.12.1979, Edenvale, Transvaal
Rodney Warner started his own business, called Performance (Pty) Ltd in 1999.  He is a management consultant specializing in Change Management. 
In 2002 they were living in Rondebosch, Cape Town
         W5/8.j[m]     Peter Warner  -  Electrical Engineer                          
                                    b. 4. 9.1953 Johannesburg, Transvaal
                                    m. 6. 6.1977 Modderfontein, Transvaal.
                Patricia Duncan, daughter of Norval and Elizabeth Duncan
              b. 13. 6.1953, Strand, Cape. -  She is a librarian
They have two children:
W5/9.[m]7a           Sarah Warner
                        b. 9. 3.1980, Springs, Transvaal
W5/9.[m]7b           Duncan Warner
                                                b. 6. 3.1984, Johannesburg, Transvaal
            In 2002 they were living in Observatory, Johannesburg.
                       W5/8.j[n]        Gillian Warner    - teacher             
                                 b. 29. 3.1956, Salisbury, Rhodesia
                                    m. 8.12.1979 Sea Point, Cape Town
Cyril Maree, son of Leonard and Margaret Maree
b. 16.12.1949, Zambia - Textile Technician
                They have two children:
                        c.1. Gene Maree b. 24.8.1982 Cape Town
                                c.2.  Dean Maree b. 14.10.1984 Cape Town
In 2002 they were living in Kreupelbosch, Cape Town
 W5/8.j[o]      Timothy Warner  - Associate Professor of Geology andGeography at West Virginia University
b. 26. 7. 1960 Salisbury, Rhodesia
m. 24. 5.1992 Battleground, Indiana, U.S.A.
Paula Hunt, daughter of William J. Hunt and Opal Hunt nee Baldwin
 b.     ?       She is a Hydrogeologist and owns her own company
                                                      Environmental Answers, LLC.
                                                      Timothy has a page on the internet: timothywarner.com
                                                       In 2002 they were living on 58 acres about 14 km out of Morgantown, U.S.A.
Contributed by Fay Walsh of Port Elizabeth in about 1986:
'My Grandfather'  - [Walter Ernest Warner]
  1. His childhood:  He told me once that his childhood was dominated by a fear that his parents would desert their family ('do a bunk' to quote him), so he kept them under constant surveillance.  All day he followed them about and then, at night, he would lie awake until he thought they were safely asleep, at which point he would get up and lie across their doorway so that, if they did leave, they would fall over him in the darkness, he would wake up, and they would have to take him with them.
     Another story he used to tell me was how he longed to have a horse of his own.  He would often discuss this dream horse with his father, speculating on its size, speed, and so on.  One Sunday, as they were walking along together, he asked, 'What colour do you think my horse will be?'  He was rebuked sternly for talking about such an unimportant matter on the Lord's Day.  (Needless to say, the horse never materialised, for by then his father was a poor missionary and had too many dependants to spend money on a horse).
2.       Drinking Habits:  I never heard the story about Granny pouring the brandy, or whatever it was, down the toilet, but I do know that, out of deference to her, for many years he used to go to the hotel for his 'spots'. [It was Aunt Gladys Milton nee Howard who told the story of how his wife Florence was so against any drinking of liquor that when he brought home a bottle of spirits she took it away and tipped it all down the toilet]  When he grew older, he asked her to agree to his having drinks at home, which she did.  He loved having friends in for sundowners, but he never drank before 6 p.m. or after dinner.
3.   Motor cars:   It was odd that he should have produced a son who became an engineer, for he was the most unmechanical of men.  He was always amazed when someone was able to repair one of his cars - as soon as he had any sort of engine trouble, he was convinced that he would have to buy a new car.
      Travelling by car in those early days was pretty hazardous, and he never went anywhere without chains and a spade in case it rained and the surface of the road turned to mud.  I can remember the 'DAMNATION!' which accompanied his attempts to fasten the chains around the wheels, and the tension within the car as he tried to negotiate potholes, puddles and rocks, with the chains making their distinctive clinking sound.
4.  His Generosity:  He was, as Brian says, an extremely generous man.  For many years he sent an anonymous gift of money to two elderly women, friends of my grandmother's, who had a very small income, and other people in the village benefited materially from his willingness to help anyone who was 'down on his luck'.
5.   Jack Howard's remark that he was the best husband and father - he was also the best grandfather.  We all loved him dearly, and have happy memories of holidays he took us on to East London, Cape Town and Aliwal North, and down to Qora Mouth.  He often had a carful [sic]of noisy children in his care and yet he never became impatient.  Children and anilamls were drawn to him knowing that they were safe, and welcome, by his side.  My mother once came back from a shopping expedition to find grandpa, sitting on the park bench where she had left him reading, with a strange child fast asleep on his lap.  'He just climbed up.' Said Grandpa.
6.       As an attorney he was highly esteemed and respected by the people of the Transkei.  On one occasion two black men raced into the village neck and neck, right up to his office.  One made sure of my grandfather's services by hurling his cap through the open door!
7.       He was a great reader, his favourite authors being Dickens and Thomas Hardy.  The characters from Dickens' novels, in paricular, lived for him and he brought them alive for me.  He was very interested in history and politics and read extensively on these subjects.
To sum up, then, Grandpa was the most unselfish person I have known, considerate, kind and thoughtful, with old-world manners.  He treated everyone - friends, strangers, family and servants with the same courtesy.  He was compassionate, warm-hearted and loving.
'My Grandmother' - [Florence Howard]
My granny died when I was sixteen, and I felt I had lost a friend.  I had spent many hours in her company, talking to he while she sewed, knitted or crocheted (for she never sat idle) and even now, when I think of those days, I can feel her gentle presence.
She loved flowers.  One of her self-imposed tasks was to keep my mother's house, Aunt Clare's and her own supplied with fresh flowers.  This entailed getting up at crack of dawn, bathing (always in cold water) dressin and going out to pick the flowers needed for the three houses.  She would walk to Aunt Clare's house at one end of the village, to our house at the other end, do the flowers at both, and then go home for breakfast.
She was a very tidy person - her house and clothes were always in order, and she was very neat in her person.  I picture her setting out to visit friends, dressed always in navy - or black-and-white, complete with gloves and hat or sunshade, picking her way carefully up the dusty street.
She was, as Brian says, a very religious person, and her faith brought her happiness.
W5/6.[5][R]  William Stanford Warner  =  Maud Caroline Wells
                           (1872 - 1963)       [m.1902]   (1880 - 1955)
William Stanford Warner was the seventh child and fifth son of Ebenezer Joseph Warner and Emma Ruth Jenkins Warner nee Bradfield.   He was born on 30.8.1872 at Mount Arthur, Cape Colony and it is probable that he was also sent to Lovedale College for his education but this has not been confirmed.  However, his early education no doubt was obtained at the various mission stations where his parents were situated, probably largely at Butterworth where his two younger sisters were born.
1902 must have been quite a momentous one for him because that was the year of his marriage and also he was wounded above the knee in the fighting at Gatsberg on 9th September.
[Note: refer to Col. Stanford's official report in the Albany Museum, Grahamstown]
William Stanford Warner became a Messenger of the Court at Mqanduli and he married Maud Caroline Wells in Ugie, Cape.  She was the daughter of H. Harrison Wells and Carrie Wells nee Didcott (her mother was born.18.8.1859); she was born on 3.7.1880 at Lady Frere and died on 25.5.1955  in East London, Eastern Province.  They started their married life in Kokstad but by 1911 they had moved to Indwe. Her husband, William Stanford Warner died about eight years after she did, on 23.2.1963 in Butterworth, probably at the home of his daughter Ruth Hall.
They had four children:
W5/7.[R]k              Ruth Carrie Warner - teacher and librarian           
                                                b. 25.2.1903 Kokstad, C.P.
d.      6. 3. 1996 Butterworth, Transkei
m. 22. 7.1937 King William's Town, E.P.
 Derek Hall - a Banker
                                            b. 15.12.1905 Engcwe, Transkei
                                     d. 27.10.1974 Butterworth, Transkei
He was the son of Oliver James Hall and Matilda
                                            Mary Elizabeth Matz
                                     There was no issue of this marriage
W5/7.[R]l               Claude Harrison Warner - Magistrate
                                                b.30. 7.1904 Kokstad, C.P.
                                    d.  5.11.1984 East London, E.P.
m.     ??? (1st) Bertha Knott
                                                           b. 13.12.1913
                                    They were divorced on 9.10.1951 in Grahamstown
                                    There were 2 children of this marriage:
W4/8.l[a]               Helene Knott Warner                        
                                                                                b. 11.11.1935 Aliwal North, C.P.
                                                                                m. 28. 8.1958 Queenstown,
                                                            William Walter Fisher - Storeman
                                                                                They were divorced
                                                                                There were 4 children:
                                                            c.1. Richard Fisher - joined the police - killed
                                                            c.2. Ivor Fisher
                                                            c.3. Andrew Fisher
                                                            c.4. Peter Fisher
W4/8.l[p]               Ronald Knott Warner  - farmer
                                b. 29. 8.1940 Umtata, Transkei
                        d. April, 1993
                        He was working in East London
                        m. 10. 3.1973 Alice, C.P.
Agnes Swartz nee Radloff  daughter of William Radloff
They had one child:
W5/9.[p] 9a           Jessica Warner
Claude Harrison Warner remarried on 10.12.1955 Alice, C.P.
 (2nd) Isabelle Baisley nee Robertson
  b. 15. 9.1908 East London, E.P.
 There was no issue of this marriage
W5/7.[R]m             Joseph Clarence (Tommy) Harrison Warner              
                                b. 24.12.1911 Indwe, Transkei
                                d. 12.11.1982 Cape Town
                        He was the Secretary of M.I.E.Assoc.
                        m. 12. 3.1942 Johannesburg, Transvaal
 Marjorie King
                                b. 17. 6.1909/10
                        There was no issue of this marriage
W5/7.[R]n             Arthur Harrison Warner  - Garage manager           
                                    b. 12. 2.1912 Indwe, Transkei
d.      ..?..  1958  Odendaalsrus, Ttabsvaal