W5/6.[5][P] Joseph Selwyn Warner  =  . (1st) Rose Dodd
                                 (1866 - 1943)      [m. ..?..   ]   (??.. - ???)
                                                             =    (2nd) Audrey Jane Webb
                                                      [m. 1908]    (1886 - 1963)
Joseph Selwyn Warner was the fifth child and third son of Ebenezer Joseph Warner and Emma Ruth Jenkins Warner nee Bradfield and he was born when they were living in Southeyville, Eastern Cape on 11.9.1866 and his parents moved near Queenstown by the time his brother, Walter Ernest Warner was born about four years later. Wiyhin the family he was always called by his second name 'Selwyn'.  The boys received their early education at the mission stations where their parents were located but it is difficult to discover where they went to school after that.  However, eventually Joseph Selwyn Warner became a Messenger of the Court in Lusikisiki and he died on 3.11.1943 in Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia.  His first marriage was to Rose Dodd, the daughter of Rev. D. Dodd in Cala, Transkei.  She was a teacher in Cala, Transkei at the time of their marriage, which took place in Engcobo and she died on a farm near Kokstad, but the date and place of her birth has not been traced although it is very likely that she was born in Cala.  There were no children of this marriage.
 Joseph Selwyn Warner was married (2nd) to Audrey Jane Webb on 17.10.1908.  She was born on 28.6.1886 in Cala, Transkei and, like her husband, she also died in Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia on 17.6.1963 and they had four children:
         W5/7.[P]d  Charles Harold Selwyn Warner  - a miner
                                 b. 12.11.1910 Cala, Transkei
                         d.           1993
                                  m. (1st) 3.10.1936 Brakpan, Transvaal, South Africa
                          Cora Russell the daughter of Cora and ???Russell
                          b. 23.12.1911 Johannesburg, Transvaal
                          d. 24. 6.1949  Shabani, Rhodesia
                                   There was one daughter of this marriage:
                                    W5/8.d [a] Mary Joan Cora Warner
                                    b. 31.10.1939 Brakpan, Transvaal
                                    m.   3. 5. 1975 White River, Northern Transvaal
                                    Norman Hanley Blight - Lecturer at T.C.C. Johannesburg,
                                                                                        the son of Charles Garfield Blight (from
                                                                  Cornwall, U.K.) and Sheena Elizabeth
                                                                  Olivia Blight nee Norman (born Scotland)
                                    b. 7. 1. 1941 Krugersdorp, Transvaal
                           Charles Harold Selwyn Warner married (2nd)
                                    on 8.12.1951 in Shabani, Rhodesia
                                    Eileen Nancy Brammall the daughter of George Brammall and
                                                                               Gertrude Winifred Brammall nee Bayes
                                     b. 10. 1.1923 London, England
                            There were two daughters of the marriage of Charles HS Warner       and Eileen Nancy Brammall:
                                    W5/8.d [b] Heather Warner
                                    b. 10.12.1952 Shabani, Rhodesia
                                    m. 10. 2.1973 Salisbury, Rhodesia
                                    Alan Raymond West
                                    b. 15. 7.1949 Salisbury, Rhodesia
                                    They have 2 children:
                                    c.1. Kelly West born 27.2.1984 Salisbury, Rhodesia
                                                c.2. Russell Warner West born 27.6.1983 Salisbury, Rhodesia
                                                W5/8.d [c] Carol Warner
                                                b. 19.4.1954 Shabani, Rhodesia
                                    m. Simon Norris Collyer
                                                b. 6. 3.1958
From Jennifer Jonson recalling Charles Harold Selwyn Warner and his daughter, Mary-Jo Warner written in about 1984.
'I remember 'Uncle Harold' well as Mary-Jo's father and from conversation but have almost no memories of him.  Apart from a very brief meeting with him after I grew up, the last time I saw him I was only 6 years old.  My mother and I spent a holiday with him and his first wife, Cora in 1946 but apart from the fact that he worked on the Brakpan mine at the time and showed us cine films, which to me was wildly exciting, I do not remember anything else.
Mary-Jo has a wonderful memory [of this visit] but as I was eighteen months younger than she was, mine is not nearly as good.  My father used to recount the episode where I threatened to eat her but I do not recall it myself.  Thinking about it, I do not recall fighting with her, only that I was told of certain occasions when we did, so perhaps we did play well together.  I do remember her and her mother staying with us during the war and also my mother and I staying with them afterwards.  Our mothers were very good friends.  I also recall the adventurein the mud although I don't remember that we were trying to disguise ourselves and I do recall the 'patches' bit.  My mother certainly would not have approved!
I am pleased to say that as a result of this project, Mary-Jo and I recently met, after 40 years, and got on extremely well.  So thank you Ruth for putting us in touch after all this time.'
 To continue listing the children of Joseph Selwyn Warner's marriage to Audrey Jane Webb -  following after the first, Charles Harold Selwyn Warner, came:
W5/7.[P]e              Avice (Avernol) Mary Warner
                             b. 24. 3.1918 Luisikisiki, or Queenstown               
                                                m. 29.6.1940/or1939 Johannesburg, Transvaal
(1st)Russell Hamilton McDiarmid
                                                b. 16. 4.1918 Salisbury, Rhodesia
                                    d. 10. 6,1942 Tobruik, Libya.  Killed in action
He was the son of Richard Hamilton McDiarmid and Bridget nee Parker.  There was no issue of this marriage.       
Avice (Avernol) Mary Warner
Remarried on 9. 9. 1944 Salisbury, Rhodesia
(2nd) Stanley Edwin Amm  - Postal Technician
b. 23.12.1917 Krugersdorp, Transvaal
He was the son of Edwin Stanley Thomas Amm and
Mavis Ada Amm nee Webb
They had 5 children:
c.1. Audrey Mavis Amm b. 16. 7.1945 Salisbury, Rhodesia
                                         m.19. 8.1967 Salisbury, Rhodesia
                                         Peter Alexander Cruikshank -
                                         A male nurse and radiographer -
                                         They had 2 children:
(i)        Andrew Craig Cruikshank
       b. 7. 9.1970 Roodepoort, Transvaal
(ii)  Sean Cruikshank
      b. 13.11.1972 Phalabora,   Transvaal
c.2. Mary Rose Amm    b. 12.11.1946 Salisbury, Rhodesia
                                       m. 10. 7.1970 Salisbury, Rhodesia
                                       Richard Green  -  Both Schoolteachers
                                       They had 1 child:
(i)Jeremy Green
       b. 30.12.1971, Que Que, Rhodesia
                                    c.3. David Selwyn Amm b. 20. 9.1949 Salisbury, Rhodesia
                                                                            m. ..?.. 1985
                                                                            Ruth Bull
                                                                            They had 1 child:
(i)                  Byron Bull b. ..?.. 1987
c.4. Ethne Joy Amm      b. 23.12.1951 Salisbury, Rhodesia
                                      m. 1975 (1st) David Wendon
m.     ..?..   (2nd) Randall Hepburn
She had 2 children:
(i)                  Ashton and (ii) Rowan
c.4. Andrew Warner Amm b. 13. 2.1957 Salisbury, Rhodesia
                                           m. 17. 5.1980
                                           Melanie Howe
W5/7.[P]f               Heather Warner
b.      ..?.. 1914 McLear, Cape
d.   ..?..  1916 Matatiele, C.P.
W5/7.[P]g              Merle Ethne Warner         
                                                b. 26 or 27.10.1921 Queenstown, C.P.
                                    m. 26.10.1940
(1st) Dennis Scott Cumming  - farmer
                                                ..?.. East London, E.P.
                                                Divorced 1943 Bulawayo, Rhodesia
                                                No Issue
                                    m. 1944 Bulawayo, Rhodesia
(2nd)Eugene George Benzon  - Cattle Inspector
                                    Divorced 11.2.1957 Bulawayo, Rhodesia                                
                                    No Issue
                                    m. 26. 4.1968 Johannesburg, Transvaal
(3rd) Granville Amyas Hyatt  - Head Accountant,
                                                      Anglo American Corp.
b. 10. 6.1921 Green Point, Cape Town
                                    No Issue