W5/7. [L] b Harry Caldecott Warner =  (1st) Lucienne Vidard Conipeyron
                     (1900 -                        [m. 1934]     (1901 - 1979)
                                                              =  (2nd) Beryl Vipan-Theed
                                                         [m. 1980]        (??? - ???)
Harry Caldecott Warner  was the son and eldest child of Clarence Jenkins Warner and Emily Jessica Warner nee Caldecott and his father was magistrate at Nqumakwe at the time of his birth on 29.11.1900.  His father was then transferred to Butterworth, Transkei in 1907 where he attended the Government School.  His parents were subsequently transferred to Umtata, where his father became Chief Magistrate and in 1914 he was admitted to St. Andrew's College, Grahamstown, from where he matriculated in 1918.
For his tertiary education, he went overseas and received his training at Guy's Hospital, London, qualifying as a medical practitioner in 1924.
He returned to South Africa and on 15.3.1934 he married Lucienne Vidard Conipeyron in Johannesburg.  She was born in paris, France on 12.7.1901 and they lived in Durban, Natal, where he set up in General Practice.
From October, 1939 to March, 1946 he was in the army, serving in East Africa, Abyssinia, North Africa and Italy.   After the war he returned to medicine and retired from surgical work in 1965, when he retired to his farm near Mooi River 'Innisfree' , Dargle Rail, in Natal.  His wife, Lucienne Vidard Warner nee Conipeyron died in September, 1979. 
He remarried on 14.5.1980, his second wife being Beryl Vipan-Theed and they were married at the Boshoff Street Methodist Church, Pietersmaritzburg by the Rev. Sadler.
While in practice he was too busy to take part in any sport, but over the years he slowly got together a metal and woodworking workshop and this hobby provided him with a lasting interest.  His main relaxation during his working years was a fornight's rock-fishing on the Transkei Wild Coast in the Mquanduli district.
There was no issue of either marriage.