W6/5.[5][L] Clarence Jenkins Warner = Emily Jessica Caldecott
         (1860 - 1949 (?))  [m.1894]   (1873 - ???)
Clarence Jenkins Warner was the eldest son of Ebenezer Joseph Warner and Emma Ruth Jenkins Warner nee Bradfield.  He was born on 7. 8. 1860 at Clarkebury near the White Kei and christened on 30.9.1860 at the Methodist Church, Queenstown, C.C.
He married on 20.11.1894 Emily Jessica Caldecott.  She was the daughter of the Rev. William Shaw Caldecott and his wife Marion Caldecott nee Hellier, who lived in or near Simonstown, Cape, where Rev Caldecott acted as army and navy chaplain.  Emily Jessica Caldecott's sister became the first wife of the novelist, Edgar Wallace.
[Refer to 'Record of the Caldcott Family in South Africa.  C.T. 1944 and ?Edgar Wallace - a Biography' by Margaret Lane, extracts from which are given hereafter.  Also various other biographies of Edgar Wallace give details of the Caldecott family]
Clarence Jenkins Warner spent his early childhood at Southeyville, a place he spoke of with great affection in later life.  He probably would have received his early education on the mission stations, wherever his parents were living, be it at Southeyville, near Queenstown or Butterworth.
He became a magistrate and was eventually appointed as Chief Magistrate of the Transkei.  He died on 6.8.1949 (?) in Durban and his wife died in Port Elizabeth some time later.
Their children were:
W5/7.[L]a  Iris Warner
               b. 11. 1. 1896 Umtata,                              
               d.  21. 8.1985 East London, Eastern Province, South Africa              
               m. 29.11.1920
                    (1st)  Douglas Torr                     
               b. 15. 3.1890 Konigha, South Africa  - a farmer               
               They had one child:
                        c.1. Keith Raymond Torr
                               b. 29. 9.1921 Cathcart,                            
b.      18. 7. 1924 Cathcart,
               m. 29. 9. 1955 Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa.                  
               (2nd) Arthur Leslie Davies                  
                    b. 11. 7. 1900  -  farmer
               There was no issue of this marriage
W5/7.[L]b  Harry Caldecott Warner  - a Surgeon in Durban, Natal, South Africa.
               b. 29.11.1900 Nqanakwe     
               m. 15. 3.1934 Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa                   
              (1st) Lucienne Vidard Conipeyron                              
                    b. 12. 7. 1901 Paris, France                         
               d.            1979                 
               No issue
               m. 14. 5. 1980 Pietersmaritzburg, Natal, South Africa
                     (2nd) Beryl Vipan-Theed
                No Issue