The children of Ebenezer Joseph Warner and Emma Ruth Jenkins Warner nee Bradfield were:
W5/6.[5][L]  Clarence Jenkins Warner
                  b. 7.8.1860 Clarkebury, White Kei, Cape Colony
                  c.30.9.1860 Methodist Church Queenstown, C.C.                
                  d. 6.8.1949(?) Durban, Natal                            
                   Chief Magistrate of Transkei
                   m.20.11.1894 Tsomo
                   Emily Jessica Caldecott , the daughter of Rev William Shaw Caldecott and Marion Caldecott nee Hellier and sister of Edgar Wallace's first wife        
                         b. 17.6 .1873
                   d. ???  Port Elizabeth, Eastern Province, South Africa
                   They had 2 children - see separate section to follow.
W5/6.[5][M]  Harry Bradfield Warner
                        b.   6. 8.1862 Clarkebury, White Kei, Cape Colony        
                        d. 21. 5. 1900 Port St. John, Natal, South Africa
                        Magistrate at Mount Ayliff
                  m. 20. 2.1896 Port St. John
                       Amy Gertrude White, daughter of Henry James White and Caroline Augusta White. (Related to the Bradfields) Granddaughter of Alfred and Margaret White
                        b. 19. 6.1868                      
                  d.19.12.1934 Port St. John
                  They had one son Harold White Warner
                 [ See separate section to follow]
W5/6.[5][N] Matilda (Hilda) Stanford Warner
                       b. 21. 7.1864 Poplar Grove, near Queenstown, South Africa
                        d.  ?.  8.1962 East London, Eastern Province           
W5/6.[5][O]  Emmeline May Warner
                        b. 18. 7.1865 Mount Arthur, Eastern Province                    
                        d.   6.12.1958 Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia         
                        m.  2.  9.1885
                        Henry Benjamin Marshall Howard  - Attorney and Conveyancer
                         b. 28. 2.1863 Kingwilliamstown, Cape
                   d. 14. 3.1939 Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia
                   He was the son of Josias Howard and Julia Martha Howard nee Wright   
                         They had 9 children - [see under the HOWARD tree H2/4.[2][3]]
W5/6.[5][P]  Joseph Selwyn Warner  -  Messenger of the Court - Lusikisiki
                        b. 11. 9. 1866 Southeyville, Cape            
                  d.   3.11.1943 Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia
                  m. (1st) Rose Dodd, the daughter of  Rev. D. Dodd in Cala, Transkei
                  She was a teacher in Cala, Transkei, at the time of their marriage
                  They were married in Engcobo and she died on a farm near Kokstad
                  m.(2nd) 17. 10.1908
                   Audrey Jane Webb
                  b. 28. 6.1886 Cala, Transkei
                  d.17. 6.1963 Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia
                  They had 4 children - [see separate section to follow]
W5/6.[5][Q] Walter Ernest Warner -  Attorney, J.P., Mayor of Idutwa
                        b. 6. 7. 1870, Queenstown, Eastern Province, South Africa               
                  d.  2. 5.1975 Port Elizabeth, Eastern Province                              
                        m. 12. 7.1898 King William's Town, Eastern Province  
 Florence Howard, the daughter of Josias Howard and Julia Martha Howard nee Wright and granddaughter of Henry Howard and Susannah Howard nee Pound of Plymouth, England
                         b. 9. 8.1870 King William's Town, Eastern Province
                         d. ? . 5.1946 Umtata,
                         They had 3 children - [see under separate section to follow]
W5/6.[5][R]  William Stanford Warner Messenger of the Court, Mqanduli
                       b. 30.8.1872 Mount Arthur               
                       d. 23. 2.1963 Butterworth, Transkei.
m.                  1902 Ugie
Maud Caroline Wells the daughter of H. Harrison Wells and Carrie Wells nee Didcott (b.18.8.1859)
b.      3. 7.1880 Lady Frere
c.       25. 5.1955 East London, Eastern Province
They had 4 children - [see under separate section to follow]
W5/6.[5][S]  Eliza Maria (Gypsy) Warner
b. 26. 8.1874 Butterworth, Transkei.
d.           1958 Berlin, Eastern Cape
                  m. Herbert Rogers - a farmer.  He also died in 1958.
                  No Issue
W5/6.[5][T]  Mary Maud (Polly) Warner
b. 8. 6.1877 Butterworth, Transkei.
d. 8. 7.1973 Butterworth, Transkei
She and her sister, Hilda, ('the two old maiden aunts') lived in Berlin, Eastern Cape for many years, but she died in Ruth Hall's home in Butterworth, Transkei, eleven years after her unmarried sister and twenty five years after her sister, Gypsy, who had left a small legacy in her will to her two maiden sisters.