Bradfield/ Wright Connection
c.2. *Edmund Bradfield                           Storekeeper,
        b.  Nov.1797 Nottinghamshire         
c. 7.12.1797 St Mary's Church, Nottingham
d.        12.6.1870, Cradock, Cape Colony                 
m.(1st) 15.8.1832
*Louisa Turvey, daughter of  *Julia Turvey and *Edward Turvey, Head of Turvey's party
                                                                              on the Sir George Osborn
b.                 1820
        d            5.4.1839 
  There were 3 children of this marriage - (i) Julie Bradfield; (ii) John Bradfield;
(iii)                Richard Bradfield
        m.(2nd) Isabella Daniel, daughter of *Sampson O'Malia (O'Malley) Daniel and *Mary Daniel nee D'Egville,
                                                         Settlers in Turvey's party on Sir George Osborn
       There were 5 children of this marriage - (i) Isabella Sarah Bradfield; (ii) Edmund Sims Bradfield; (iii) Mary Eliza Bradfield; (iv) Charles Frederick Bradfield; (v) Eleanor Mary Bradfield
        [IGI has that he married Lamsa Irving ( ?); this has not been confirmed]
c.3.  *Eleanor (Ellen) Ann Adkins Bradfield
b        25. 3. 1800  Nottingham, England                            
d        10.11.1873  King Williams Town, C.C.                   
m.            13.11.1823  Grahamstown, C.C.                          
*Benjamin William Wright, son of William and *Julia Wright, and step-son of *Edward
                                                             Turvey, Head of Turvey's Party from London.
 b.                1796/7 Ireland                     
 d          21. 8.1834  Grahamstown, C.C. 
There were 6 children of this marriage:
                        (i)     Abigail Morrison Wright
b.  11.4.1825  Ireland
                        d.        1855/6                      
                        m. in 1847 Robert White, Editor of the Grahamstown Journal
     (ii)    John Smithson Wright                
b.                      1827 Ireland
d.  27.11.1865 London                 
m.   Elizabeth Bingham
No Issue - lived in England
     (iii)   Mary Watson Wright
            b.    6.  8.1829                              
(iv)  Ellen Bradfield Wright                   
      b.    12. 5.1831                            
                               d             1890                    
                               m. 10.11.1853 King Williams Town, C.C.                    
                               Edward Jones  - an Attorney
 (v)Julia Martha Wright                        
b.       3. 1.1833 Grahamstown (or 23.12.1849 Grahamstown ?)
d.  15.1. 1899 King Williams Town, C. C.                                 
                               m  .8. 4. 1862 King Williams Town, C. C. [IGI has 8.5.1862]
                               Josias Howard
                               b.   2. 9. 1841 Plymouth, England
d     8. 2.1915 King Williams Town, C.C.
                               There were 7 children of this marriage -  See separate section under 
Howard Family - HF1/3.[1][2] Josias Howard = Julia Martha Wright
(vi) One other child, born in 1834 - no further information obtained.   
c.4. *Joseph Bradfield
        b.           1802 Nottinghamshire          
        d.  13.10.1875 Clumber, C.C.            
m.  21. 2.1832 Bathurst, C.C.
Elizabeth Hart
       There were 8 children of this marriage:
(i) Daniel, born 1833;     (ii) Mary, born 1837;
(iii) Thomas, born 1839; (iv) Joseph, born 1846
(v) Sarah, born 1847      (vi) Edmund, born 1848
(vi)Jonathan, born 1850 (viii) Josias, born 1853
c.5. *Mary Bradfield
        b.          1804 Nottinghamshire
        d. 28. 2.1850 Whittlesea, Cape Colony.
        m.  7. 3.1824
        *Thomas Webster, Settler in Calton's party on the Albury
        b.         1799
        d. 11. 5.1854  Queenstown, C.C.
        They had 11 children: (i) Thomas Webster, born 1825 in Grahamstown, died 5.9.1884,
                                             In the Orange Free State, South Africa.
 (ii)  Edmund Webster             (iii) John Webster
 (iv)  Josephine Webster          (v)  Mary Anne Webster
 (vi)  James Webster               (vii) Daniel Webster
 (viii) Charles Webster             (ix)  Henry Webster
 (x)   Walter John Webster (farmer) m. 27.2.1862 in Queenstown
                                               Mary Clifford Holden
                                        (xi)  George Webster
c.6. *Thomas Bradfield
        b.          1810 Nottinghamshire
        d.          1876
        m.  2. 5.1837
        Elizabeth Turvey, daughter of *Edward Turvey, Head of Turvey's party on Sir George Osborn and * Julia Turvey nee Daniel
 They had 4 children:   (i) John Linden Bradfield - he moved to Dordrecht and was a    member of the House of Assembly in 1874 and of the Legislative Council in 1891.  Also a member of the Tembuland Commission in 1883.  He married in 1890 Jeanne Shearer
                                      (ii)   Thomas Bradfield
                                            (iii)   Edward Bradfield
                                            (iv) Louisa Julie Turvey Bradfiled, married 26.12.1862 in   Queenstown, C.C. Joseph Hashman - an architect
c.7. *Richard Bradfield
       b.            1812 Nottinghamshire
       d.            1880
       m.   6.11.1837 Bathurst, Cape Colony
       Martha Davies
       b.   30. 4. 1820
       d.            1878
       Children  ..?     (i)  Louisa Bradfield married Edward Timm
From the Church Record in Cradock, South Africa.
Bradfield Julia  born 1834 (aged 20) married 19.4.1854 James Garland Davey,  Storekeeper, born 1832. 
Wutnessed Edmund Bradfield 
*John Bradfield Jnr  = (1st) *Eliza Thrale White
   (1793 - 1864)   [m.1832]     (1803 - 1846)
                               = (2nd) *Elizabeth Tarr
                          [m.1853]     (1817 ???)
*John Bradfield was the son of *John Bradfield and *Mary Bradfield nee Dennis. From the age given on the Settler lists his birth would have been in 1793, however the Bradfield tree in the Albany museum in Grahamstown gives his date of birth as 1796 and IGI as about 1794.  He was christened on 6.12.1794, as recorded at St Mary's Church, Nottingham like some of his siblings.  So it would seem he could not have been born as late as 1796
On 4.9.1832 in Grahamstown he married *Eliza Thrale White, the daughter of *James White and Jane White nee Allen, Settlers who arrived after 1820 and before 1826.  Her father was an undertaker and she was born in about 1803 in London, England; she was baptised on 23.11.1803 in Shoreditch, London.
[Note 1: Eliza Thrale White's sister, Mary, married the Rev. Thomas Jenkins (married about 1828, born 1807, died 2.3.1868, Settler in Sephton's party on Aurora, in the care of James Kidd - No issue), and a photograph of 'Aunt Jenkins' was is the possession of Mrs Ruth Hall in Butterworth until she died.  It's present whereabouts has not been traced]
[Note 2:  E. Morse Jones recorded that James White was born 1781 and married in 1816 and died 16.7.1844 at his daughter's residence at Fort Armstrong.  He also added that a daughter, Eliza was born in 1817(?)  One wonders if this was in error over the birth of Elizabeth Tarr but the source of this information was not provided.]
Eliza Thrale Bradfield nee White died on 22.12.1846 in Fort Beaufort at their residence there.  They had seven or eight children, as listed below.
*John Bradfield married, second, on 26.7.1853 Elizabeth Tarr, the daughter of *Thomas and Mary Tarr, Settlers in Calton's party on Albury.  She was born 1817 and there were five children of this marriage:- c.1. Elizabeth, born 20.5.1854, c.2. John, born 1855; c.3. Joseph, (a twin) born 22.3.1856; c.4. Eleanor (a twin) born 23.3.1856, who married ???Davis and their descendant was Rev. Daniel Bradfield Davis, who was living in Butterworth in 1928; and c.5. Thomas, born 3.7.1858.
*John Bradfield was a draper, a clerk and a trader in Fort Beaufort and on his death certificate he is described as a 'gentleman'.  He died at the house of his son-in-law, Charles Brown, in Queenstown at the age of 71 on 9.10.1864
       The children of John Bradfield's (1st) marriage to Eliza Thrale White were:
(i)             Elizabeth Bradfield born 14.4.1834 (died young) and Mary Bradfield born 14.4.1834, may have been twins or one daughter called either Elizabeth Mary, Elizabeth Marie or Elizabeth Maria; the latter married Charles Brown and they had a child called Harold who married Gwen Bisset-Berry; (also possibly a child called Willie, as shown on the tree)
(ii)           Emma Ruth Jenkins Bradfield born 4.7.1835; d.20.10.1926;married 15.10.1859 Ebenezer Joseph Warner [see under their section W5/5.[4][5]]
(iii)          Eliza Jane Maria Bradfield born 28.2.1837 married after 1864 to Capt. Charles Selwyn Boyes who was killed in the Galaika War 1878. They had a child called Selwyn who died young.
(iv)          Walter John Bradfield born 15.11.1838 in Fort Beaufort and died 1885; married 27.2.1862 Mary Clifford Holden, the daughter of William Holden
(v)            Hester Margaret Bradfield born 26.3.1840 in Fort Beaufort and died 12.11.1846 in Fort Beaufort
(vi)          Emily Bradfield born 14.6.1842, c. 14.8.1842 at Fort Armstrong and died there 13.12.1842
(vii)         Mortimer William Bradfield born 17.9.1843, c. 12.11.1843 Grahamstown and died there 6.1.1844
Extract from a letter written by Ruth Hall - dated 5.9.1988
Emma Ruth Bradfield's sister, Mary married Brown - the Aunts referred to her as Aunt Brown and she had a son Harold who farmed in the Molteno district and married Gwen Bisset-Berry, whose father was an M.P.  Gwen and Harold used to visit their aunt [Emma Ruth] and were much liked.  Aunt Brown lived in England and seems to have been well off.  I met Harold's daughter-in-law at Kidd's Beach, but since Harold died there has been no contact.  However, I know the Browns are still farming there.