W4/6.A[A] John William Stanford Warner = Josephine Gertrude Maria Hart
                             (1856  -  ???)          [m. 1881]    (1862  -1951)
John William Stanford Warner was the eldest son of Henry Blacker Warner and Elizabeth Anne Warner nee Wakeford.   He was born on 28.5.1856 at Hopewell, Nirvana, Queenstown and christened at the Methodist Church there on 17.7.1856.  He became a farmer.
He married Josephine Gertrude Maria Hart on 26.7.1881 at Bonkola, Glen Fountain, (the service being taken by his uncle, Rev. J. C. Warner) when he was 24 years old and she was 17.  She was the youngest daughter of Joseph Hart and Sophia Hart nee Talbot and was born at 'Grootvlei'  Queenstown on 21.12.1862.  Her father, *Joseph Hart was born on 21.12.1819 in Wiltshire, England and died 10.12.1888.  Her mother, Sophia, (born ca. 1817/8) was the youngest daughter of Settler *John Talbot and his wife, *Priscilla.    The dates of death for John William Stanford Warner and Josephine Gertrude Maria Warner nee Hart have not been traced.
[Refer to both the Talbot and the Hart family trees, which are well documented]
Notes: (i)Their daughter, Ada Lilian Warner, was still living on 11.9.1974 at Sea View, Kidd's Beach from where she wrote that she had photographs of J. C. Warner (her grandfather) and also her grandparents Joseph and Sophia Hart nee Talbot.
(ii) Aimee Warner died in 1951
There were seven children of the marriage of John William Stanford Warner and Josephine Gertrude Maria Warner nee Hart, they were:
W4/7.[A]a Arthur Ernest Stanford Warner
                   b. 24. 2.1882 Glen Grey, Cape Colony
                d. 15. 3.1923 Ladysmith, Natal, South Africa.
                   Aimee Gardener Robey
b.                          1885
d              1969 Ladysmith, Natal
She was the seventh child of John Wallace Robey and
Amy Priscilla Robey nee Robinson
They had 3 children
[See separate section to follow]
W4/7.[A]b Walter Joseph Warner
                   b. 22. 6.1885
                d.  6. 1.  1958 Glen Grey Hospital
[IGI has death on 4.3.1955]
                    m. Mary Watkins
                They had only one child - Thelma - who died young
W4/7.[A]c Henry Leonard Warner
                   b. 7. 6. 1887 Rippling Stream
                d. 8. 8. 1970 Indwe.
W4/7.[A]d Ada Lilian Warner
                    b. 20.6.1889 Draaifontein Mission, Elliot District
                [IGI has her birth as in Cala, Cape of Good Hope.]
W4/7.[A]e Clarence Edward Warner
                   b.           1891  Manubie, South Africa
                   d. 26. 2. 1974 Stutterheim
                   m. Florence Agnes Harding
                b.           1904 Possibly in Cala, Transkei, South Africa
                  She was the seventh child of Sophia Amelia Harding nee Hart and Robert       
                  Henry Harding.
               They had 3 children:
                       W4/8.e[a]                Mavis Myrtle Warner                       
                          W4/8.e[e]    Victor Stanford Warner
                      W4/8.e[b] Ramona Florence Warner = Frans Edward Naude
                                   They had 2 sons: Trevor Naude b. 1966
                                                                           Frans Edward Naude b. 1968
W4/7.[A]f  Ina Warner
                    b.  3. 1. 1895 Rippling Stream, Cape of Good Hope
                    d.  4.12.1918
W4/7.[A]g  William Talbot Warner
                    b.          1897 Cala, Transkei, South Africa
                    d. 22. 8.1970 Despatch, Cape Province
m.                                     Uitenhage, Eastern Cape
(1st) Maxine Martins
                     No Issue
                 m.(2nd) Irma Rose
                     There were two daughters of this second marriage:
                  Gloria Valmer Warner born 1929 - died young
                  Desiree Ansley Stanford Warner  born 1935, who married and had two
                      children - a son and a daughter
W4/7.[A]a  Arthur Ernest Stanford Warner  =  Aimee Gardener Robey
                            (1882 - 1923)              [m. ???]    (1885 - 1969)
Arthur Ernest Stanford Warner was the eldest son of John William Stanford Warner and
Josephine Gertrude Maria Warner nee Hart.  He was born on 24.2.1882 at Glen Grey.
He married Aimee Gardener Robey, who was born in 1885 and died in 1969 in Ladysmith, Natal.  She was the seventh child of John Wallace Robey (born 23.7.1842, Oatlands, Orange Free State, died 1933; married 15.10.1872) and Amy Priscilla Robey nee Robinson (born about 1855)
[IGI has two approximate dates for the marriage of Arthur Ernest Stanford Warner and Aimee Gardener Robey - 1900 and 1910; between the two would seem most probable]
Arthur Ernest Stanford Warner predeceased his wife by many years (46) dying on 15.3.1923, also in Ladysmith, Natal.
Their children were:
W4/8.a[a]  Stanford Norman Robey Warner
                  b. 24. 8.1918                  
               m. Irene Clares
                 They had 2 children:
              (i)   Sandra Ann Warner born 6.7.1955 and
              (ii) John Warner
W4/8.a[b] Aimee Ina Gertrude Warner
                 b. 28. 2.1921                         
              m.  (1st) Kenneth Theodore Robinson,
                            b. 2. 5. 1912 Elliott, Eastern Cape.
                                  d. 5. 3.1942
               He was the son of Theodore Clement Robinson (born   22.6.1884, Elliott, Eastern Cape and Florence Harriet Robinson nee Selby (born about 1886)
              There were two children from this first marriage.
              m. (2nd) Robert Hurn, the son of Robert Henry Hurn (Born 15.8.1896 at Groot   Marico, Transvaal and died 14.3.1971)
               There were three children of this second marriage.
W4/8.a[c] Millicent Grace Warner
b.      7.10.1927
m. (1st) Jacobus Enslin
There was one child from this marriage
m. (2nd) Keith Brown
There were three children from the second marriage.
W4/7.[A]e Clarence Edward Warner  =  Florence Agnes Harding
                       (1891 - 1974)          [m.        ]   (1904 -     )
Clarence Edward Warner was the fifth child of John William Stanford Warner and Josephine Maria Warner nee Hart.    He was born in 1891 Manubie, South Africa and he died in Stutterheim on 26.2.1974.
He was married to Florence Agnes Harding, who was his first cousin, and she was born in 1904,  probably in Cala, Transkei, South Africa.  She was the seventh child of Robert Harding and Sophia Amelia Harding nee Hart.
[Note:IGI gives (i)Robert Harding c. 5.4.1801, he was Chaplain to the British Forces in Cape Town.    He was the son of Jno. Harding and Mary
(ii) Robert Henry Harding = Sophia Amelia Hart on 6.8.1890.  He was born 1853 in Devon and died in 1929.  Sophia was born 1.12.1860 at Lemoenkloof, Stormberg, Cape, the daughter of Joseph Hart and Sophia Talbot and she died in 1925]
There were three children of the marriage of Clarence Edward Warner and  Florence Agnes Harding,  they were:
W4/8.e[a] Mavis Myrtle Warner
b.                              1933       
W4/8.e[b] Victor Stanford Warner
b.                                1936
W4/8.e[c] Ramona Florence Warner
b.                                  1941
m. Frans Edward Naude
They had 2 sons :
c.1. Trevor Naude born 1966
c.2. Gary  Naude   born 1968
The following Statement regarding Moffat and Warner is a transcription of a hand-written document in the possession of the University of Cape Town Libraries for research purposes, (The Jagger Library) among the Stanford papers:
At the time of W. T. Brownlee's retirement I met Daver in a hotel in Pretoria.  He came up to me and showed me a slip of paper on which were three names.
"Which of these," he asked, "do you consider the best for the Chief Magistracy?"
I read the three names.  They were all known to me.  Then I said,
"Why are you passing over the men in the Territories who have borne the heat and burden of the day?  Is Clarence Warner not to be considered?"
"No," said Daver, "at a Cabinet meeting it has been decided that the Chief Magistracy is to go to a man outside the Native Affairs Department."
"If that is the case." I said. "you have left out the best man" and I gave the name of Mr. Bruce Moffat.
Daver did not think he would accept the position as there was a proposal to offer him the Auditor Generalship .   I thought he would and at Daver's request I agreed to speak to Mr. Moffat in the matter.  At the same time I said to Daver [Note: this name, though repeated several times, is difficult to read, looking more like 'Dower' but, here, appears clearly as 'Daver']
"I hope you won't pass over Clarence Warner when the Assistant Magistracy is considered."
I saw Moffat who subsequently accepted the position of Chief Magistrate of the Transkeian Territories and Clarence Warner was appointed Assistant Chief magistrate; later he succeeded to the Chief Magistracy.
(Signed)  W. E. Stanford                                   Lindain
(Witnessed)    Alice Stanford                            28/8/29
                       A.H. Relly     
W4/6.A[B] Charles Edward Warner  =  Louise Krienke   
                      (1858 -          )     [m.            ]       ( 1866 -        )  
Charles Edward Warner  was the second child and second son of Henry Blacker Warner and Elizabeth Anne Warner nee Wakeford.   He was born on 17.4. 1858 at Hopewell, Mivana, Queenstown near the White Kei.
On 7.9.1884 he was married, the service being taken by his father, Rev. H. B. Warner, to Louisa Krienke.   The dates and places of his and/or his wife's deaths have not been traced as yet.  However, the following information on the Krienke family and it would appear that she was actually named Luise Auguste Krienke and was the eldest of 8 children of Carl August Krienke and Luise Unverzagt who came to South Africa from Germany.
[Source: IGI - Luise Auguste Krienke c. 27.6.1858 at the Methodist Church, Queenstown]
There were 3 daughters of the marriage of Charles Edward Warner and Louisa Krienke:
W4/7.[B]h  Ida Emma Warner
                    b. 2.10.1885
W4/7.[B]i  Elizabeth May Warner
               Edward Owen                   
                  They had three children
               c.1. Edward Owen           
               c.2. Dorothy Owen
               c.3. Vivienne Owen
W4/7.[B]j  Alice Louisa Warner
                  b. 25.10.1888
W4/6.A[H] Henry Wakeford Warner = (1st) Minnie Milns
                         (1869 -          )        [m.1899]    ( ???)
                                                                = (2nd)  ???
Henry Wakeford Warner was the eighth child of Henry Blacker Warner and Elizabeth Anne Warner nee Wakeford.   He was born on 21.8.1869.
He was married on 7.9.1899 with his father officiating to Minnie Milns and there was issue of this marriage although they have not been traced.  He married a second time but, here again, the facts have not come to light.  However, one son was called Henry Wakeford Warner and he lived in the Transkei.
Henry Wakeford Warner, the father, died in Cala, Transkei.
W4/6.A[6] Joseph Claridge Warner  =  Isabella Maxwell Mitchell
                     (1871 - 1946)           [m. 1896]   (1872 - 1930)
Joseph Claridge Warner  was the ninth child of Henry Blacker Warner and Elizabeth Anne Warner nee Wakeford.  He was born on 19.7.1871 at Buntingvale and he became a trader at Fort Malan.
He married on 18.8.1896 Isabella Maxwell Mitchell, who was born on 24.10.1872 in Scotland.
During the latter part of their lives, his parents and Aunt Emily Wakeford, a spinster, lived with them at Fort Malan.  His brother Herbert Blacker Warner and another brother went over to the United States of America.  The other brother returned, but Herbert Blacker Warner remained in America.  He married there and had a family who lived in Zion, Illinois and they corresponded with Joseph Claridge Warner and, later, with cousin William Stanford Warner.
Isabella Maxwell Warner nee Mitchell died in Idutywa on 8.12.1930 and Joseph Claridge Warner also died there some 14 years later on 30.10.1946.
There were 6 children of the marriage of Joseph Claridge Warner and Isabella Maxwell Warner nee Mitchell:
W4/7.[6]Cecil Claridge Lamont Warner - Trader
                   b. 23. 5.1897 Fort Malan  
 d.16. 4.1983 East London                  
 m. 26. 6.1918 Idutwa         
 Nora Beattie, daughter of William Beattie and Elizabeth Beattie nee Surmon
 b. 29. 7.1897 Elliotdale           
d.  3.  6.1987 East London               
They had 3 children
          W5/8.k[d Desmond Cecil Warner =   (1st) Jearice Malan b. 31.3.1914; d.17.12.1975                 
                          b. 10.11.1918 Willowvale  m. 1941 - No Issue
                                                                                          =   (2nd)  ??? in 1976
W5/8.k[e]Trevor Ray Warner b. 14.2.191921 Willowvale d. 6.3.1945 Killed in action                  
W5/8.k[f]Rowen Hilton Warner            =   Winsome Sparks b. 20.6.1934 Butterworth,   
                   b. 4.2.1930 Idutywa, Transkei 
                      No issue - 1 adopted son Bruce Rowen b. 17.7.1964 East London.E.P.
W4/7.[6]l  Eustace Taylor Warner               
                  b. 24. 4. 1899                   
d.  29. 8.1952  He was murdered by burglars
m. 18. 3.1935 Idutywa                  
Elaine Cook                 
They had one child,
W4/8.l[a] Pamela Warner
                 b. 6. 3.1935 Idutywa                  
   Oscar Theodore Hen-Boisen
W4/7/[6]m  Thelma Warner
                      b. 26.11.1900              
    d.25. 8. 1965 East London                    
    m. William H. Sparg, the son of F. Sparg - Trader
    b. 19. 6.1901                       
    d.19.12.1965 East London                    
              They had 3 children
               c.1 Dallas Sparg b. 23.7.1927 m. Roland Bond in 1949
                      4 children                            (He was born 28.8.1926)
               c.2.Murray Sparg b. 6.12.1929 Idutywa m. Joy Wood in 1955
                      2 children                             (She was born 6.7.1936)
               c.3.Isabel Sparg b. 2.8.1932 m. Glynn Wood in 1954
                      4 children                             (He was born 31.10.1932)
W4/7.[6]Thomas Maurice Warner - Trader
                    b. 31. 8.1902                         
  d. 25. 8.1987 (either in Johannesburg or on the Reef)                   
  m. (1st) Hilva Hasleau daughter of Charles Hasleau & ??? nee Lloyd
  There were 4 children of this 1st marriage [See separate section]
m.     (2nd)      1976 Thella Rensburg nee Reynolds
W4/7.[6]Claude Blacaire Warner
                    b. 26.10,1907
  d.   4.10.1971 Bonza Bay                    
m.                    1933                           
Sarah Hall
b.      23.12.1905            
They had 3 children:
W5/8.p[a]      Isobel Warner =   Ray Atkinson
                      b. 2.2.1934 Idutywa, Transkei
                      m. 1958 Ray Atkinson - 3 daughters - living in England
W5/8.p[b]      Margaret Warner   =   David Gwilliam
                      b. 30.9.1936 Idutywa, Transkei
                      m. 1961 David Gwilliam b, 8.1.1938 England
                      4 daughters
 W5/8.p[j]      Paul Warner (I) =   Marjorie Watson
                                    b. ?.10.1938
                                       m. 1964 Margaret Watson b. 15.9.1940
                                    Living in Canada
                                    3 children:
                                                     W4/9.[j] 4a      Natalie Warner b. 22.1.1969
                                                                W4/9.[j] 4b            Colin Blacaire Warner b.14.3.1971
                                             W4/9.[j] 4c          Shannon Warner b.22.5.1974
W4/7.[6]Joseph Claridge Warner (II)
                   b. 13. 7.1912                             
d.18.12.1974 East London                                                     
m.                    1940                          
Edna Mitchell  (a cousin)
b.      8. 8.1914                          
They had 3 children  [See separate section]
W4/6.A[K]  Herbert Blacker Warner      =         ???
                       (1875 - ???)          [m. ???]        (???)
Herbert Blacker Warner was the youngest child of Henry Blacker Warner and Elizabeth Anne Warner nee Wakeford.  He was born on 3.12.1875 at Buntingville, Cape Colony.
He and one of his brothers went over to the United States of America.  The brother (this may have been William Taylor Warner because he was unmarried) returned to South Africa but Herbert married in America, settled there and had a family who lived in Zion, Illinois.  They corresponded with Joseph Claridge Warner and, later, with their cousin, William Stanford Warner.
No further information concerning this branch of the family has come to hand.