W3/4.[3]4 *Caroline Elizabeth Warner = Col. Daniel Bradshaw Bell
                      (1817 - 1851)          [m. 1836]      (1815/6 - 1858)
*Caroline Elizabeth Warner was the fourth child and third daughter of Henry Warner and Elizabeth Warner nee Blacker.   She was born, according to the Shipping Lists in about 1817 and it is understood that her birth took place in Manchester, England after her parents had moved from Bristol.  Family tradition has it that her father had stood guarantor for a friend who let him down and thereafter he moved north in search of employment and a new life.  However, times were hard and jobs difficult to find, so her parents decided to emigrate from Britain to the Cape Colony when she was about three years old.
[For details of the voyage out to the Cape on the ship Stentor and the establishment of Smith's party at George Vale near the Rufane River refer to W3/3.[2][3]* Henry Warner and his wife *Elizabeth Warner nee Blacker]
Her father left the Grahamstown district to become a missionary and he was also appointed as a Government agent in the Native Territories, consequently the family moved a number of times.  Her youngest sister, Elizabeth was born in 1821 in Bathurst and died there of smallpox in 1836 being buried in the graveyard next to the small church there
[The grave stone can still be found there and the cross on top of the church was erected by Aletta (Jill) Thornton Archer nee Freemantle many years later]
 In that same year, 1836, *Caroline Elizabeth Warner was married on 8th June in Fort Beaufort, Cape to Col. Bradshaw Daniel Bell who was a tradesman and Auctioneer in that town.  He was born in about 1815/16 in Enniskellan, Ireland and was not an 1820 Settler, presumably coming to the country with the militia. Unfortunately, the early history of his life has not been traced, nor is it known when he came to the Cape Colony but according to his death certificate he was a merchant in Fort Beaufort and also an auctioneer. 
Caroline Elizabeth Warner died on 16.7.1851 in Fort Beaufort and her husband Col. Bradshaw Daniel Bell married there three month later, in August 1858 (2nd) Rose Wright but he died very shortly afterwards on 9.11.1858 at his residence in Fort Beaufort, leaving property there and elsewhere.  He did not leave a Will but his son-in-law, Samuel Henry Roberts and another were appointed by the magistrate to act in the administration of his estate.   He was buried in the family plot in the Fort Beaufort cemetery where also lie the graves of his first wife, Caroline Elizabeth and son, Henry who died on 24.1.1838 aged nine months four days; in addition a member of the Stanford family, William Stanford (b.1820, d.20.5.1856), the husband of his sister-in-law, Joanna Rosina Stanford nee Warner is also buried there.   His second marriage  to Rose Wright was to the daughter of his sister and brother-in-law (Joanna Rosina Stanford nee Warner and Capt. William Wright) and also the niece of his first wife, Caroline Elizabeth Warner.
She also remarried after his death and had three children of this later marriage to Edward Cottrell.  They were (i) Vincent Cottrell; (ii) Godfrey Cottrell and (iii) Winnie Cottrell who married Ernest Roberts, the grandson of Caroline Elizabeth Warner and son of  Jane Elizabeth Bell and Samuel Henry Roberts but there was no issue of her short marriage to Col. Bradshaw Daniel Bell.
The children of Caroline Elizabeth Bell neeWarner and Col. Bradshaw Daniel Bell were:
c.1. Henry Bell b. 1837 Fort Beaufort; died 24.1.1838 Fort Beaufort, Cape.
c.2. Jane Elizabeth Bell, b. 4. 11. 1838 Fort Beaufort; married 3.6.1857 Fort Beaufort Samuel Henry Roberts.  Issue 4 children [Refer to the Roberts Family Connection]
      [Note: Recorded on the Shipping Lists of 1820 Settlers there are seven different Roberts families and, as yet, the connection of Samuel Henry Roberts to any of these has not been confirmed.  However, there was a *Samuel Roberts born in Bristol in about 1812 who MAY have been the father of Samuel Henry Roberts.  For further details of that Settler and his siblings and antecedents refer to FF2 Freemantle Family - 1820 Settlers - ' ANOTHER ROBERTS FAMILY' ]
        They had 4 children:
(i)      Henry Bradshaw Bell Roberts born 1859 and died 13.10.1913; married 20.5.1880 in Queenstown, Cape to Elizabeth Matilda (Tillie) Staples the daughter of William Mosyer Staples and Margaret Staples nee Osmond; born 1855 [Refer to the Staples Family Connection under W3/4.[3]1 Mary Toye Warner = (1st) John Bath   Staples] 
      They had 4 children:
(a) Ellie Margaret Staples Roberts born 15.10.1882 Queenstown; died 1934 in the United States of America in about 1934.  She was an artist and unmarried.
(b) Grace Enid Bradshore Robertsborn 1.3.1892 Cathcart, C.C. She married Prof. Fitt. - Divorced. - 4 children. Living in New Zealand
(c) Dulcre May Roberts born 14.9.1885 Queenstown, Cape; died 1937; married (1st) ..?.. Fraser; 1child: Eric Fraser; Married (2nd) ..?.. Ramsden
            (d) Clifton Bradshore Bell Roberts married Elizabeth Ann Tarr.
                  They had 7 children:
                        Dulcre Roberts; Daphne Roberts; Hazel Roberts; Royle Roberts; Henry Roberts; Clifton Roberts; and Edna Roberts who married F. Reeve [see note: all these children had additional Christian names of Bradshaw Bell]
(ii)  Ernest Roberts  - Bank Manager in Kokstad, Cape - married Winnie Cotrell, the daughter and youngest child of Rose Wright and her 2nd husband Edward Cottrell [Refer to the Wright Family Connection under W3/4/[3]3* Joanna Rosina Warner =   (1st) Capt. William Wright]  They had one daughter: Ina Roberts
(iii)  Herbert Roberts
 (iv)  Harold Roberts
c.3. Caroline Matilda Elizabeth Bell, the third child of Col Bradshaw Daniel Bell and *Caroline Elizabeth Bell nee Warner, b. 16.9.1840 in Fort Beaufort.  She may have died in the United Kingdom.
[Note: It would seem to be correct that Caroline Matilda Elizabeth was the third child as shown above because her date of birth in 1840 follows on to Henry b. 1837 and Jane Elizabeth b. 1838, both in Fort Beaufort, and before the death of Col. Bradshaw Daniel Bell in 1858.  However, in the letter below Edna Reeve refers to a Caroline Matilda Elizabeth Roberts, but no other with these Christian names has been traced.  The former would have belonged a generation earlier making her a great, great aunt rather than a sister of Edna's father.  Wiclif Warner's dates were b. 1855; d. after 1901 and Edna's grandfather's, the eldest of the Roberts children, were 1959 - 1913. So, does the following letter refer to Caroline M.E.Bell and not Caroline M.E. Roberts?]
Notes from a letter written by Mrs. Frank Reeve (Edna Bradshaw Bell nee Reeve)
(1)   Caroline Matilda Elizabeth Roberts returned to the United Kingdom, where she visited Wiclif Warner in Bristol.
(2)   Henry Bradshaw Bell Roberts married Elizabeth Matilda Staples, called 'Tillie' so all their descendants come through both sides, from the two Warner sisters, Mary Toye Warner and Caroline Elizabeth Warner, Settlers in 1820 as Mary Toye Warner married John Bath Staples and Caroline Elizabeth Warner married Bradshaw Daniel Bell
(3)   There are photographs of both these Warner sisters in the Albany Museum, Grahamstown and, also, one of Joanna Rosina Warner
(4)   All the children of Clifton Bradshaw Bell Roberts were given the additional Christian names of Bradshaw Bell.
c.3 Mary Jane Wright (called Mimmie) - date and place of birth untraced but she died 16.3.1914 Uitenhage, Cape.  She married Louis Antoine Chabaud in 1859, probably in Uitenhage.  He was born on 21.2.1831 and christened on 27.3.1831 at St Mary's church, Port Elizabeth, E.P.  He was the Inspector of Native Territories and the son of Settlers *John and *Dorothy Chabaud.  His father emigrated in Wilkinson's party on the 'Amphitrite', the party's location being on the Blaaukrantz River and called 'New Essex'.  His siblings were: (a) Gustavis Pullen Chabaud (m. 1850 in Port Elizabeth Helene Catherine Josephine Thompson) (b) Eugene Gordon Chabaud (born 24.6.1827; c. 12.8.1827 Uitenhage; m. Maria Cornellia Magdaline Korte. - child  Eugene b. 23.8.1863 Uitenhage) (c) Adela Dorothy Chabaud (b. 11.9.1854; c.21.12.1854, St Mary's church, Port Elizabeth; married ..?.. Lenz).  (d?) Possibly others.
[IGI gives an Adele Chabaud b ca, 1835 Scotland; married 20.12.1855 Port Elizabeth James Somers Kirkwood but no connection has been confirmed]
      Mary Jane Wright died in Uitenhage on 16.3.1914 and her husband Louis Antoine Chabaud also died there on 26.1.1901.  Although there were only three children recorded on his death certificate, in fact Mary Jane Wright
      had six or seven children - [perhaps these were from other marriages - see letter from Ruth Hall.  However on the tree in the Albany Museum they were all listed as of the Chabaud family]
      The names of children of Mary Jane Wright and Louis Antoine Chabaud listed;
      The children of Mary Jane Wright and Louis Antoine Chabaud were;
(i)                                     (?) Charles Chabaud
(ii)  Minnie Chabaud m. ..?.. Stead - 1 child: Minnie Stead
(iii) Louis Chabaud b. 1869 Alexandria, C.C. m. Amy ..?.. - 1 child :   Isoline m. ..?.. Kockett
                         (iv) Eugene Warner Chabaud b. 1869 Alexandria, C.C. d. 23.10.1891 Madagascar.  Unmarried.
      (v)  Effie Chabaud m. ..?.. Jellicorse (?) ; children: Stella and Eugenie Diane
      (vi) Claude Wright Chabaud d. 21.4.1924 Uitenhage, Cape.  Civil Commissioner and R.M. in Port Elizabeth.  Unmarried.
                         (vii) Connie Chabaud m. ..?.. Dreyer


 From: a letter from Ruth Hall 5.9.1988

The Cotterels live at Arnoldton near East London.  I actually met Vincent who was in the bank here [Butterworth, Transkei] and we recognised the relationship.  Mrs Wright was married three times [?] but I don't know the names [of the husbands].  Chabaud must have been one of them.