From the Daily Despatch, Port Elizabeth, Friday 20th 1987:
'The Mighty Umzimvubu' - by Jean Coulter
One of the greatest rivers along the coast of Pondoland is near the township of Port St. John's.  In the early days the crossing of this river, the Umzimvubu, was made by pont...
On another occasion, Claude Stanford left Lusikisiki accompanied by his sister, Maude, and another attorney by the name of Kottick.  They were on their way to Port St John's to attend the circuit court.
Due to the heavy summer storms the river was in flood and the pont was not working.  Claude Stanford had been in this predicament before and knew of an African who ferried people across the river in a rowing boat, taking off higher up stream beyond the bend in the river.
Although at the time in question, Claude Stanford mentioned to the ferryman that the boat should start even higher upstream because of the swiftly running current, his suggestion went unheeded.  He decided to leave it to the boatman, whom he reasoned had so much previous experience at his task.
They had hardly drawn away from the bank when a mass of water struck the boat and capsized it, throwing the occupants into the swirling, turbulent muddy water.
Claude Stanford shouted to his sister to make every effort to clutch the pont cables, which at normal times hung loosely from one bank to the other, but because of the height of the swollen river and the drag of the pont, now stretched tautly on the surface of the rushing waters.  This she was able to do and they were both helped ashore and once again the house on the Lusikisiki side of the river was a place of refuge. 
"Mr Kottick was swept downstream for quite some distance, but managed to get ashore on the beach near the mouth of the river.  The ferryman lost his boat, but by clinging to the pont, also reached safety"..
c.2. Walter Ernest Mortimer Stanford - Chief Magistrate; Secretary of Native Affairs; etc.
       b. 2. 8.1850 Alice, Cape Province
       d. 9. 9.1933 Rondebosch, Cape Town
       m. 7. 6.1883 Port Elizabeth
       Sarah Alice Walker the daughter of Joseph Walker and Dorothy Walker nee Driver
       b. 15. 1.1859 King William's Town
       d. 11.12.1937 Somerset West, Cape.
 He was the second son of Capt. William Stanford and Joanna Rosina Stanford nee Warner and was born on 2.8.1850 in Alice.  He was married in Port Elizabeth to Sarah Alice Walker on 7.6.1883.  She was the daughter of Joseph Walker (b.2.6.1832, d.24.3.1908) who was M.L.A. for Dordrecht, and Dorothy Walker nee Driver (b.5.6.1833, d. 5.5.1922)
[Note: for further information refer to The Driver Family Connection to follow after the information on the 3 sons of Capt. William Stanford and Joanna Rosina Warner]
Walter Stanford lived at Buckkraal until his father's death in 1856 after which he, his mother and brothers went to live with his uncle, Joseph Cox Warner and wife, Matilda Warner nee Stanford at Glen Grey.  In 1860 after a few years of home teaching by his maiden aunt, Mary Stanford, he was sent to Lovedale College near Alice, Cape, but returned to Glen Grey in July 1863 as a junior clerk to assist his uncle, who was the Tambookie Agent (that is Her Majesty's representative to an independent African Tribe - to quote from the introduction to his Reminiscences).  On 31st October 1869 after six years of employment at sixty pounds per annum, 'the country', he dryly notes,' could no longer afford to retain my services'.  For several months he was employed in private business as a bookkeeper and then returned to the Department at the greatly enhanced salary of one-hundred-and-twenty pounds per annum.  The next few years were spent mainly in Queenstown and East London, E.P.
He became a Government officer at Glen Grey in 1874 and magistrate with Dalasile, chief of the Ama-Qwati tribe in 1874.  The following year he was also Captain of Native Levies.  Then followed the Gcaleka War (1877-79) and the war of 1880, when he escaped from Engobo to Dordrecht.  In 1881 he was promoted to Commandant and sat on the Commision for Native Laws and Customs.  In 1884 he became Chief Magistrate of Griqueland East and in 1902 Chief Magistrate of Tembuland.  He was also appointed Under Secretary for Native Affairs and reformed this department.  In 1908, on Dr. Jameson's advice, he stood for Tembuland and was returned as their Member of Parliament.  He also beca,e a member of the Senate.  His active political career ended in July 1919 and his services were recognised with a K.B.E., which was gazetted at the same time as the D.S.O. awarded to his son, Arthur, for services in France in the Royal Field Artillary.  In 1920 he helped found the 1820 Memorial Settler's Association and was Chairman of the Community Chest of Cape Town.
 .               .               .               .               .               .               .
Colonel the Hon. Sir Walter Stanford K.B.E., BB (Mil), LLD (lon).
 While Chief Magistrate of East Griqualand he negotiated two treaties (1886 and 1894) as the Representative of the Cape Government, in both cases averting bloodshed.  Secretary to Native Affairs, Cape 1897.  Served on Native Laws and Customs Commission 1881 -1883, also on Inter-State Native Affairs Commission 1903 - 05, M.L.A. for Tembuland 1908 -9.  Signatory to Act of Union 1910 and served as Senator 1910 - 1929.  Director of Recruiting, Cape and latterly Union 1914 -18, also Comr. For Returned Soldiers.  Co-founder and Hon. Col. Of 1st, Cape Corp.  Helped to found and was first Chairman of 1820 Memorial Settlers Association and of Community Chest of Cape Town,
Suaviter  in  mode,  fortiter in Re.
 .               .               .               .               .               .               .
From: 'Where Rainbows Call' - Basil Holt
...That the annexation of Pondoland to the Colony in 1894 was bloodless was largely due to the wisdom and tact of two great magistrates.  These were Major Henry Elliot of Umtata, Chief Magistrate of Tembuland and Walter Stanford, Chief Magistrate of East Griqueland, who resided in Kokstad.
...Stanford, too, went on to honours.  In 1902 when Elliot retired from the Chief Magistracy of Tembuland and the Transkei, it was decided not to replace him, but instead combine his territory with those under Stanford - Walter Stanford thus became the first Chief Magistrate of the united Transkeian Territories embracing all the region between the Kei and Natal and between the Drakensberg mountains and the sea.  His two brothers R.W.Stanford and A.H.Stanford became his two assistant Chief Magistrates at Kokstad and Umtata respectively.  He afterwards became Secretary of Native Affairs in Cape Town and a member of the Senate in Parliament.  In 1919, he was knighted and in 1933 he died at  83 years of age.
The children of Walter Ernest Mortimer Stanford and Sarah Alice Stanford nee Walker were:
(i)     Walter Elliot Stanford born 25.12.1884 Umtata, Transkei.  He won a Rhodes Scholarship and became a lawyer and also a farmer.  On 12.12.1914 in Cape Town he married (1st) Evangeline Anderson, the only daughter of Thomas Johnston Anderson M.L.C. and Maria Anderson nee Molteno and they had 6 children:
(a)     Sheila Maria Stanford born 17.4.1916 Cape Town and died 11.12.1986. She married on 3. 7.1937 in Kokstad, Cape, John Cecil Kilpin, an Electrical Engineer who was born on 29.6.1911 in Cape Town. The marriage ended in divorce in 1960. They had 3 children:
(1) Cecil Ernest Brian Kilpin b. 28.1.1939, Germiston, Transvaal.  He married in Vanderbijlpark Janet Lawrence and their children were: Andrew, Peter and Sally Kilpin.  He worked in an Engineering Co.
               (2) David Elliot John Kilpin b. 7.4.1942 Germiston. He married Caroline Herbert, but they were divorced.  He worked in a Shipping and Engineering Co.
               (3) Margaret Diana Kilpin b. 19.10.1945 Newlands, Cape.  She married Graham Mascall
(b)     Cynthia Stanford born 11. 9.1917 Cape Town.  She married on11. 3.1950 in Kokstad, Cape an architect and draughtsman, Gerald William Payne, born 24.12 1911 in London, England and they had 2 children:
(1) Judy Mary Payne b. 26.5.1951 Cape Town; married
                                    (2) Susan Elizabeth Payne b. 9.10.1953 Cape Town
 (c) Margaret Evangeline Stanford born 29.1.1920 Kokstad, Cape.  She married on 15.7.1959 in Kokstad a chemist, Toby Hemsted, born on 8.10.1924 in Nairobi, Kenya and they had 2 children:
                                    (1) Iona Evangeline Hemsted b. 26.11.1951 Nairobi, Kenya, m. John Zietsman
                                    (2) Thomas Rupert Tobias Hemsted b. 7.4.1954 Nairobi, Kenya
(c)     Eleanor Mary Stanford born 24.4.1924 Kokstad, Cape.  She married in July, 1947 in Kokstad a pharmacist, Gordon L. Griffiths and they had 4 children:
(1)  Sally Margaret Griffiths b. 11.10.1950 Pietermaritzburg, Natal
(2)  Robert Griffiths b. 9.9.1953 Pietermaritzburg, Natal
(3)  Julian Griffiths b. 27.8.1960
(4)  Jane Griffiths b  1963
(d)     John Elliot Anderson Stanford born 3.8.1929 Kokstad, Cape and he married on 23.1.1954 in Kokstad Josephime Rogers who was born on 4.6.1930 in Kokstad and they had 4 children:
(1)  Janet Stanford born 29.1.1955, Kokstad
(2)  Rosamund Stanford born 13.3.1956 Kokstad
(3)  Pauline Stanford born 26.4.1957 Kokstad
(4)  Simon Elliot Bryce Stanford born 9.3.1961 Kokstad
(e)     Philip Walter Stanford born 7.6.1931 Kokstad, Cape.  He became a farmer and he married on 27.4.1957 in Kokstad Patricia Tyrwhitt-Drake (the daughter of Robert Hamilton Tyrwhitt-Drake and Phyllis de Beverley nee Middleton).  She was born on 23.5.1936 in Aliwal North, Cape Province and they had 5 children:
(1)     Audrey Louise Stanford b. 1.7.1958 Klerksdorp, Transvaal
(2)      Valerie Lynn Stanford b. 10.10.1959 Chingola, Nth. Rhodesia
(3)     Trevor Duncan Stanford b. 22.7.1962 Bancroft, Nth. Rhodesia
(4)     Walter Vincent Stanford b. 6.4.1965 Kokstad, C.P.
(5)     Alan Grant b. Pietermaritzburg, Natal
(ii)    Dorothy Maud Stanford born 9.12.1886 Kokstad, East Griqualand; married on 15.12.1911 in Stellenbosch, Cape, William Henry Ruffel, the son of Henry Thomas Ruffel and Eliza Frances Ruffel nee Emms (called Fanny) who was born on 14.10.1830.  She and her husband came to Africa about 1858 according to a descendant, Gary Bell, who lives in LA, USA.  William Henry Ruffel was born on 26.5.1887 (or 1878) in Stebbing, Essex, England and he became a Saw Miller and Grain Merchant.  He died on 14.3.1950 at Holtz, Grabouw, Cape.  They had 4 children:
(a)     Henry Edmund Ruffel born 19.9.1912 in Bloemfontein, Orange Free State.  He was a Captain in the S.A.T.C. and became a businessman and Managing Director.  On 21.6.1940 in Pretoria, Transvaal he married (1st) Huia Phippen, the daughter of Harry Garnet Phippen.  They were divorced on 25.11.1970 in Cape Town.  They had 2 children:
(1) Jonathan Henry Ruffel b. 17.12.1945 Cape Town - Transport Manager - married  on 3.11.1974 in Elgin, Cape Mary Anne Wolters, the daughter of Cornelius and Molly Wolters.  She was born 6.1.1947 in Funchal, Madeira and they have 2 children: Grant Henry Ruffel b. 27.1.1975 Cape Town and Steven Jonathan Ruffel b. 13.11.1976 Cape Town.
(2)     Oliver Edmund Ruffel b. 6.10.1949 Cape Town - a Representative - married on 21.12.1972 in London Judith P.D.Smith the daughter of Ralph James Dalziell Smith and Marguerite nee Marsten.  She was born on 29.9.1945 in Wimbledon, England and they have 2 children: Alexandra Marguerite Ruffel b. 31.7.1975 and Charlotte Mary Ruffel b. 26.9.1978
Henry Edmund Ruffel married (2nd) Margaret Rosalind Offord b. 10.8.1922 in Rochester, Kent, England.  No issue.
(b)  Frances Marjorie Lois Ruffel born 22.1.1914 Bloemfontein, orange Free State. On 21.10.1939 in South Huiksay, Oxford, England she married James Bisdee Malcolm Green.  He was born on 29.1.1910 in Buttevant, Ireland.  He became an ear, nose and throat Surgeon (B.M. Chb FRCS)
                        and she obtained a B.A..  They had 3 children:
          (1) Malcolm Green - doctor (MRCP, MB,BSc)  - born 25.1.1942 Oxford, England.   Married Juliet Caroline Preston  on 25.4.1971 in Woolton, Northampton.  She was born on 9.7.1940 Wrexelsham, Surrey and they had three children: Nicola Natasha Green b. 6.3.1972 Northampton, Andrew Stanford Malcolm Green b. 28.2.1974 London, Alexandra Lucy Green b. 26.12.1975 d.2.8.1978
                          (2) Frances Elizabeth Green born 14.11.1943 Colchester; married 28.6.1969 in Colchester
James Pollock Dowson - marine Insurance broker - b. 30.6.1940 Kenya. They had 2 children: Harry Malcolm Pollock Dowson b. 19.6.1971 Colchester and Julia Tamsin Dowson b. 25.7.1973 Colchester.
          (3) Celia Ann Green born 17.7.1946 Colchester; married on 8.6.1968 in Colchester Russell Philip Edey who was born on 2.8.1943 in India.  They had 3 children:Philip David Edey b.23.2.1971 Johannesburg; Kate Audrey Edey b. 7.3.1973, Melbourne, Australia; and Anthony James Edey b. 29.8.1975
(c)     Anthony Stanford Ruffel born 30.12.1918 Bloemfontein, Orange Free State - Manufacturer and Director of Companies - Married on 26.6.1945 in  Falmouth, Cornwall, Joan Rix Oliver Morrison the daughter of Oliver Morrison and Enid Rix nee Cliffe. She was born 5.5.1920 in Leeds, Yorkshire and they had 3 children:
                 (1) Verylith Ruffel b.15.4.1946 Johannesburg m. Niel Orford on 15.4.1968 Johanneburg. They had 2 children: Peter James Orford b.17.12.1969 and Annabel Orford b. 18.5.1971            
                              (2)  Peter Stanford Ruffel b. 23.12.1948 Johannesburg d. 18.4.1968 (Motor Accident)
                              (3) Charles Ruffel b. 26.4.1956 Johannesburg
(d)     Dorothy Elizabeth Hermione Ruffel born 4.2.1919 Bloemfontein, Orange Free State; married on 23.12.1939 in Stellenbosch, Cape, Roger Piat - International Civil Servant (United Nations) - He was born on 9.7.1913 in Vacoas, Mauritius and they had 3 children:
(1) Michele Piat b. 28.7.1943 Cape Town (BA;MA Oxford;Dr.Phil) married Chris Bo-Bronsen and they had a child, Stephanie Maia Bo-Bronsen
                              (2)  Noel Edgar R. Piat b. 30.1.1947 Cape Town
(3)  Veronique Sybilla Piat b. 23.8.1952 Paris, France (BSc Bristol) married George Spencer Seligman on 9.9.1978
       (iii) Robert Cecil Stanford born 1.3.1889 and died 18.6.1891 Kokstad, Cape.
(iv) Alice Minnie Stanford born 9.10.1890 Kokstad and died 24.3.1973 Kokstad, Cape.  She married Alexander Canswell Smith.  He was born on 5.5.1892 and died on 4.1.1968 in Kokstad.  He became a farmer and they had 2 children:
(e)     Dorothy Jean Carswell Smith b. 18.11.1921 Kokstad, d. 16.8.1964. She married on 6.6.1941 Patrick Tilbury who died in 1964.  They had 3 Children:
(1) Jane Tibury b. 26.3.1942; married 1963 P. Harvey
                              (2) Felicity Ann Tilbury B. 10.9.1950 d. 26.8.1964
                                          (3) Kenneth Alexander Stanford Tilbury b. 8.6.1944; married Elizabeth Williamson
        (f) Alison Carswell Smith born 11.1.1923; married 12.4.1947 (1st) Joseph S. Williams; married 6.7.1960 (2nd) Douglas Frederick Collings B. 17.7.1927
                  2 children of the first marriage and 1 of the second.
                              (1)  Allison bronwen Williams b. 20.3.1948
                              (2) Gwyn Williamd b. 30.8.1950
                              (3) Miranda Felicity Collings b. 16.6.1965
(v)  Arthur Warner Stanford born 26.3.1893 Kokstad, Cape. - Lt.Col. D.S.O. Mc. Major R.F.A. Cruex de Gieure - Farmer - married on 23.9.1915 in Rondebosch, Cape Town Eily Leary, the eldest daughter of W. Power Leary and Hon. Rosa nee Hare-Bowers and they had 4 children:
(a) Walter Power Stanford born 2.7.1916 Cape Town - Lt.Col. S.A.A.F  D.F.C.    C.B.E.  Barrister, Mayor of Somerset West 1988-  married on 22.9.1945 Oxford, England to Mary Heaton the daughter of Trevor Heaton and Irene Heaton nee Wheeler-Bennett.  They had 4 children:
(1)     Diana Stanford b. 2.7.1947 Cape Town; m. Geoffrey Miller; child: Elizabeth Ann Miller b. 15.7.1975
(2)     Crispian Stanford b. 1.11.1949 Cape Town
(3)     Deborah Stanford b. 22.1.1952 Cape Town; m. Phillip Hoyle
(4)     Fiona Stanford b. 10.8.1959 Cape Town
From: a letter by Irene Toye Warner Staples to Mr. Hewitt of the Albany Museum, Grahamstown, South Africa.
Walter Power Stanford is a descendant of Hester Warner and a grandson of Sir Walter Stanford  -  a very charmimg young man, a barrister at Cape Town and a Colonel in the S. A. A. F. [South African Air Force]  His father Arthur was also a Colonel.  During the war he commanded heavy artillery.
[Note: Walter Power Stanford was a town councellor and the mayor of Somerset West, Cape, during the 1980's.]
(b)  Richard Ennismore Stanford born 1.6.1920 Kokstad, Cape - S.A.A.F and a farmer - he married on 11.2.1950 in DeDoorns, Cape Phoebe Kotiba nee Fletcher, the daughter of Capt. Fletcher and Stella Fletcher nee Struben and the granddaughter of George Struben who discovered gold on the Witwatersrand.  They had 3 sons:
(1)     Mark Stanford b. 23.6.1951 Stellenbosch, Cape
(2)     George Stanford b. 10.10.1953 Stellenbosch, Cape
(3)     Paul Stanford b. 1.12.1954 Stellenbosch, Cape
(c)  Naomi Dorothy Stanford born 21.6.1921 Kokstad, Cape; married on 9.4.1921 Cambridge, England to Andre Frederick Green the son of Edward Knowles Green and Gladys Muriel Green nee Ferris. He was a farmer and awarded a D.F.C.  They had 3 children:
(1) Sally Ann Green b. 18.9.1948 Cape Town
                              (2) Timothy Green b. 26.9.1950 Salisbury, Rhodesia
                              (3) Michael Green b. 17.4.1953 Salisbury, Rhodesia
(d) Marion Alice Stanford born 28.11.1922 Kokstad, Cape and died 17.4.1931 Cape Town
(i)       Helen Rose Stanford born 6.1.1898 Cape Town; married on 8.11.1925 in Stellenbosch, Cape, Cullis Hamilton (Hammy) Relly - Tank Corps in 1914-18; Cape Corps. 1939-45; farmer - They had 2 children:
(a) Gavin Hamilton Relly born 6.2.1926 Cape Town - Director of Companies, Chairman of Anglo American - married on 4.8.1951 in Johannesburg Jane Glenton daughter of Fred Glenton and Dorothy Glenton nee Cullinan
             [Note: Jane Glenton and Ruth May nee Freemantle were at school together at Kingsmead Junior School, Rosebank from about 1934/5 to 1939/40.]
              They had 3 children:
                              (1) Janis Relly b. 14.7.1952 Johannesburg
                              (2) Georgina Relly b. 29.9.1954 Johannesburg
                              (3) Giles Relly b, 19.12.1957 Johannesburg
(b) Bruce Hamilton Relly born 25.11.1929 Cape Town; married on 14.8.1954 in George, Cape (1st) Mary Olivia Heunis  born 7.3.1932 Cape Town;
They had 3 children:
                              (1) Juliet Hamilton Relly b. 10.1.1956, Montreal, Canada
                              (2) Vanessa Hamilton Relly b. 18.7.1958, Montreal, Canada
                              (3) Piers Hamilton Relly b. 3.3.1962 Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa
             Bruce Hamilton Relly married (2nd) on 18.12.1972 in Rondebosch, Cape Town     Anna Maria Estella du Toit who was born on 22.1.1949 in Harrismith, Orange Free State, South Africa and they had 3 children:
                              (1) Clea Elizabeth Hamilton Relly b. 25.3.1974 Pretoria, Transvaal
                              (2) Tristan Bruce Relly b. March 1976, Pretoria, Transvaal.
                              (3) Tamsin Relly b. 27.5.1981.
(ii)           Eileen Mary Stanford born 8.10.1902 Cape Town (?) and she was married in 1929 in Cape Town to William Frederick Stubbs who was born in about 1902 in India (C.M.G. M.B.E. Secretary of Government (African Affairs) in Northern Rhodesia) He was the son of Lawrence Stubbs(Commissioner of Barcilly) and Helen Stubbs and they had one daughter:
(a) Helen Pat Stubbs born 1930 in Cape Town and she married Peter (Jack) Brazier - Lt. Col Royal Engineers -  and they had 2 children:
(1) Julian Cadbury Brazier b. 1954, in United Kingdom
(2) Sarah Brazier b. 1956 Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia; married 16.12.1975 at Sandhurst, England Christopher MacAndrew
c.3. Arthur Henry Bell Stanford  - Chief Magistrate
b. 14. 2.1854 Alice, Cape
d. 18. 9.1925 Umtata, Transkei
      m. 23. 6.1880 Umtata, Transkei
Anna Maria Blakeway daughter of Frederick Charles Blakeway and Elizabeth Ann Blakeway nee Ross
Arthur Henry Bell Stanford was educated in Alice and Fort Beaufort and he became the Assistant Chief Magistrate in Umtata in 1902 and later the Chief Magistrate of Transkeian Territories.  Anna Maria Blakeway's father was a magistrate in Umtata from 1821 to 31.12.1896. 
Arthur Henry Bell Stanford and Anna Maria Blakeway had 6 children:
     (i) Mabel (May) Beatrice Annie Stanford born 19.4.1881 Umtata, Transkei and died there on 20.6.1956   She married in April, 1906 in Umtata George Abbot Morris - Colonel D.S.O.; Civil Servant - who was born ca. 1878/9 and died in ca. 1957 at St. Lucia, Natal.  They had 2 children:
                  (a) Alan Morris b.1906; m. Helen Gillson; child Vana May Morris
                  (b) Arthur Morris b. 1911
       (ii) Etheline (Mimi) Myra Louise Stanford born 4.11.1882 Umtata, Transkei; married (1st) Gilbert Douglas Campbell in Umtata, April,1904.  He was a magistrate and he died on 2.12.1960 at Fort Beaufort, Cape.  They had 1 child:
(a)     Myra Campbell and she married (1st) Robert Hancock.  There were 2 children of this marriage:
 Helen Hancock and Robert Hancock
and married (2nd) S. White and there were 2 children of this marriage:
(1)     Marjorie White married D. McLeod and they had 3 children:
                                                        David, Anthony and John McLeod
 (2) Gordon White who married Jean Lynn and they had 2 children: Peter and Leonie  White
            Etheline (Mimi) Myra Louise Stanford possibly married (2nd)  ???
              (iii) Alan Arthur Stanford born 26.1.1884 Umtata, Transkei and died 7.12.1957 Aberdeen, Scotland - Col. Of Railway Police and Chief Magistrate of Pretoria - He married in Pretoria Kitty Anne Dey who was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and died about 1973 in Johannesburg.  They had 2 children:
                        (a) Sybil Stanford married Bob Lewis; child Michael Lewis
             (b) Ian Stanford - doctor died 1971/2 in East London, Eastern Province. He married Hazel ..?..  and they had 3 children: Jennifer, John and Peter Stanford
(iv) Harry Reginald Stanford born 3.2.1887 Umtata, Transkei - Attorney -
                  and he died 3.9.1976 at Margate, Natal. He married on 8.6.1927 in Queenstown, Cape Ivy Cheek who was born on 18.7.1898 in Pietermaritzburg, Natal and died 17.12.1948 Umtata, Transkei.  They had 2 children:
(a) Beatrice Myra Stanford born 20.8.1928 Libode, Transkei(?) married 9.12.1950Dave Rogers - Advocate - and their children were:
                                    (1) Elizabeth Rogers; (2) Howard Rogers and (3) Lindsay Rogers
(b) John Arthur Stanford born 13.7.1931 Libode, Transkei(?) - Attorney and Magistrate - married Yvonne Chevaeux and they had 3 children:
                                    (1) Peter Stanford b. 25.3.1960 Umtata, Transkei and twin
                                                (2) Veronica Stanford b. 25.3.1960 Umtata, Transkei
                                                (3) David Stanford b. 26.9.1961 East London, E.P.(?)
            (v) Mary Charlotte Stanford born 6.1.1892 Encobbo, Transkei; married Phillip Hellier Balleine Payn born 14.11.1881 Umtata, Transkei d. 2.2.1941 Tsolo - Magistrate, Trader, Farmer - son of Phillip Balleine Payn and Mary Gillispie nee Gibb.  They had 4 children:
(1)     Phillip Balleine Payn b. 30.4.1913 Umtata, Transkei; d. 1971 - legal advocate - married Kathleen Forsyth in Port Elizabeth, E.P. in 1938 She was born 19.1.1913 in East London, E.P. and they had 3 children:
Lesley Payn b. 25.3.1939 Johannesburg;
                                          Helier Payn b. 6.8.1943 and d. 1965 Johannesburg, and
                                         Althea Payn b. 5.6.1947 Johannesburg
   (2)   Anne Payn b.24.4.1915 Tsolo, Trankei; married in 1939 Tsolo to Stanley Rix, a         schoolmaster.  He was born 31.5.1907 and they had 2 children:
          Heather Rix b. 4.10.1941 Queenstown, Cape and
         Noelle Rix b.25.12.1947 Queenstown, Cape
(3)  Phyllis Payn b. 30.9.1920 Tsolo, Transkei; died 25.9.1971Parkstone, Dorset, England; married in 1941 in Johannesburg to Bryan Pechy - University Lecturer -b. 19.11.1920 and they had 3 children:
                                          Alan Pechy b. 19.4.1948 Durban, Natal      
                                          Jennifer Pechy b. 13.9.1950 Durban, Natal
                                          Dennis Pechy b. 19.8.1952 Durban, Natal
(4)  Hazel Payn b. 28.3.1923 Tsolo, Transkei; married on 7.4.1947 in Tsolo to Colin Shaw b.5.1.1918 and d. 9.2.1970 Pietermaritzburg, Natal.  They had 4 children:
                                         Helen Shaw b. 22.2.1948 Mount Frere
                                         David Shaw b. 4.6.1950 Mount Frere
                                         Ina Shaw b. 2.7.1958 Mount Frere
                                         Margaret Shaw b. 6.1.1961 Mount Frere
(vi) John Stanford born 24.12.1893 Umtata, Transkei - an attorney - died 12.12.1972 Scotburgh, Natal; he was married on 20.5.1920 in Johannesburg to Anne Margaret Smith the daughter of Peter Smith and Marion Smith nee Couper.  She was born on 19.2.1894 in Cradock, Cape,
                  and became a nurse.  They had 1 child: 
                 (1)  Cynthia Smith B. 19.9.1927 in Durban, Natal and she married on 19.1.1952 in Flagstaff, Cape Eustace Fannin b. 28.6.1915 Ixopo, E.P. - Managing Director - and they had a daughter Shayne Fannin b. 27.11.1956 Durban, Natal.