W1/1 [1] B. Warner      =    ?????
       (1731 - 1795)                (1731 - 1802)
This is all that has been traced of the earliest member of the Warner family shown on the tree in the Albany Museum compiled by Irene Toye Warner-Staples.  Unfortunately his Christian name is unknown, as are the names of his wife.  He was born in 1731 and died at Iron Acton, Gloucestershire on Friday, 20.5.1795.  His wife was born in 1732 and died on Sunday, 7.2.1802 in Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire.
[These two towns are more or less north east of Bristol in what was called the county of Gloucestershire, as were Bristol and Bath before the new alignment of the counties.]
In September, 1978 we visited all the towns around this part of England, wherever we had any information connecting them to any of the families that we were concerned in tracing for the trees we were compiling, including the two mentioned at the start of the Warner tree.
The children of B. Warner and his wife were:
W1/2.[1]1 Henry Warner
b.            1757  Chipping Sodbury,
d. 28.5.1814   Bristol
Merchant basket maker/ Baptist preacher
He married four times.  (See his separate section to follow.)
W1/2.[1]2 Isaac Warner
                  d,  approx. 1814
      m. 4.7.1794 Chipping Sodbury
Elizabeth Mathews
Issue - but the number and names are unknown
W1/2.[1]3 Abraham Warner
b.             1763
d.  16.5.1811     Aged 48 years.
Buried from the Baptist Chapel in Sodbury.
Gravestone naming him and nine children buried within the
same grave still remains in the cemetery in Chipping Sodbury.
No record has been traced (as yet) of his wife or any other possible issue.
From the dates given for the deaths of his children it would seem that he married in about 1784 aged 21 and they were born about two years apart from 1785 to 1795 and then the last two were named after a brother and sister who died before they were born, in 1798 and 1802.
The children named on Abraham Warner's gravestone are:
Benjamin died      9.11.1793       aged 6 years     (born 1787)
Ketura                    died      12.8.1795        aged 4 months (born 1795)
Esther                     died      12.7.1796        aged 3 weeks   (born 1796)
Eli                          died      8.2.1797         aged 6 years     (born 1791)
Bathsheba              died      26.4.1797        aged 12 years   (born 1785)
Hephzibah              died      22.5.1797        aged 4 years     (born 1793)
Jabaz                      died       6.2.1798         aged 9 years     (born 1789)
Hephzibah              died      15.1.1810        aged 8 years     (born 1802)
Esther                     died      7.5.1811         aged 13 years    (born 1798)
W1/2.[1]1.   Henry Warner    =  (1st) Hester Battersby nee Toye
                     (1757 - 1814)    [m. 1781]        ( ca. 1759 ?- 1783)
                                                  = (2nd) Elizabeth Mason
                                   [m. 1784]    ( ??? - 1805)        
                                                  = (3rd) Ann Corrick nee Bryant
                                                      [m. 1806]    ( 1783 - 1809)
                                                 = (4th) Eliza Broadstock nee Sims
      [m. 1810]     (???-1813)
Henry Warner, the son of B?? Warner, who died in Iron Acton and his wife, who died in Chipping Sodbury, was born in 1757 in Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire and lived there until he was about 20 years of age.  In about 1770 he moved to Bristol and lived in the Castle precincts until about 1780 when he moved to 21, Maryport Street, remaining there until about 1803.  Whilst at that address he married his first wife, a young widow, Hester Battersby nee Toye on 7.1.1781 by licence at St Peter's Church.  She was the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Toye of Maryport Street, Bristol and the sister of William Toye, a British Judge at Gibraltar.
There were two sons of the marriage of Henry Warner and Hester Battersby nee Toye, *Henry and Ebenezer, born in 1782 and 1783 respectively, but Hester died on Friday, 7th November, 1783 at 21, Maryport Street and was buried on Sunday, 9th in a vault in St Mary le Port Church with the Toye family, when her infant sons were 20 months and 9 months old.
Unfortunately the church records of this well-known church were lost during the bombing of Bristol during the Second World War.  Some time after the war, the destruction of this city was commemorated by the issuing of a British stamp, based on a famous painting showing the ruins of the St Mary le Port church.
The father, Henry, was a basket maker and a Baptist preacher.  He married four times and it would seem that, with the exception of his second wife, Elizabeth Mason, his wives were young widows and that they died soon after marriage and childbirth.
There is an etching of the original building where the basket making took place, which remained in the possession of Ruth Carrie Hall nee Warner until her death when, I believe, it was passed on to one of the younger generation of Warner males, probably one of Brian Warner's sons.
Henry Warner married (2nd) Elizabeth Mason at Stapleton Chapel on Thursday, 19th August 1784.  From this marriage there were at least three children, two daughters and a son, Charles who went to sea and died of a fever.  The two daughters married and became Mrs Vin and Mrs Freeman respectably and they both probably died prior to 1885.  In 1803 the family had moved to 6 St James Barton, where Henry remained until 1809.  However, Elizabeth died there on Monday 13th May, 1805 and was buried the following day at Broadmead Baptist burial ground, Redcross Street, Bristol, next to and north of her father, Dr Mason's tomb.
[Elizabeth was probably related to Dr Cox - a niece or cousin.  Refer to letter written by Mary Toye Trollip in 1885]
Henry married (3rd) Mrs. Ann Corrick (nee Bryant?) on Saturday 26th July 1806 at Christchurch, Bristol.  There were several infants of this marriage who died young and one son, Charles Frederick Warner, who was educated at Christ's Hospital Blue Coat School and was articled to a doctor, thereafter practising as a medical man in Bristol;  he died without issue on 26th August, 1872.  His mother, Henry's third wife, Ann died at St Paul's on Tuesday 21 November 1809, aged 26 years and was buried from Broadmead Chapel on 27.11.1809 in the same grave as Henry's second and fourth wives.
Henry moved to Pritchard Street, Bristol in 1809 and married another widow, his (4th) wife was Mrs  Elizabeth Broadstock nee Sims at St. Michael's Church on Monday, 29th October, 1810.  She was the daughter of Joseph Sims, who died at Stinchcombe on Tuesday 11th May 1814 [See the Broadmead Records] There was only one son of this marriage, Joseph Sims Warner, who married a Miss Ironside and they had four sons and three daughters.  Henry's fourth wife, Elizabeth, died at St Michael's on 11th May 1813 and was also buried at the Redcross Street cemetery.
Henry then moved from Pritchard Street to Milk Street, Bristol and he remained there until his death on 28th May 1814.  He was buried from the Broadmead Chapel and placed in the same grave as his second, third and fourth wives in the Redcross Street Baptist cemetery.
Henry Warner's children from his first wife, Hester Battersby nee Toye were:
W3/3.[2][3[        Henry Warner II
                        b. 15.3.1782 Bristol
d.   5.6.1868 Cofimbaba, Wodehouse, Transkei
m.     4.2.1804 Westbury-upon-Trym, Bristol
Elizabeth Blacker
b.      1.5.1784 Midsomer Norton
c.       18.6.1840 Great Fish River - Double Drift Post
Buried at Fort Brown
                       daughter of Samuel Blacker and Elizabeth nee Brookman.
                       [see sepaparate section W3/3.[2][3 to follow]
W2/3.[2]2              Ebenezer Warner
b.      11. 2.1783 Bristol
c.       29. 6.1866 Hillsborough, Ireland
m.     15.10.1805 Midsomer Norton
Mary Blacker
c.   4. 2. 1786 Midsomer Norton
d.      1.12.1827 Cripplegate, London
daughter of Samuel Blacker and Elizabeth nee Brookman
[See separate section W2/3.[2]2 to follow]
Henry Warner's children from his second wife, Elizabeth Mason was:
W1/3[2]3               Elizabeth Warner
                                b. 1785. 
                        Registered at Broadmead Baptist Church, Bristol on 18.6.1785.
W1/3.[2]4              Joseph Mason Warner
                                b. 1787
                        Registered at Broadmead Baptist Church, Bristol on 18.6.1785.
W1/3.[2]5              [And another daughter.  Elizabeth and this second daughter probably became Mrs Vin and Mrs Freeman and they both probably died before 1885, according to the letter written by Mary Toye Trollip in 1885.  Also according to Mary Toye Trollip's letter in 1885, 'there were two daughters of this marriage and one son called Charles,  who went to sea and died of a fever' - but it is possible the name 'Charles' was mistaken for that of the son of the third marriage, otherwise there could have been four children born between 1785 and 1809 when Henry's fourth marriage took place.  The date of death of their mother, Elizabeth has not been traced.]
Henry Warner's child from his third wife, Ann Corrick nee Bryant (?) was :
W1/3.[2]6              Charles Frederick Warner
                        Educated at Christ's Hospital Blue Coat School and became a doctor.
                        He died without issue.
Henry Warner's child from his fourth wife, Elizabeth Broadstock nee Sims was:
W1/3.[2]7              Joseph Sims Warner
                                b. ca 1813
                        m. ??? Ironside
                                They had 4 sons and 3 daughters
This is a copy of a letter from Henry Warner's daughter, Mary Toye Trollip - 1885 (Original held in Albany Museum, Grahamstown, Cape.)
'My grandfather, Henry Warner, when a young man came from Sodbury to Bristol.  He was I believe the youngest son.  He had two brothers, Abraham and Isaac - Abraham's descendents were still living at Sodbury when we left Bristol.  But he himself had been dead for some years.  I don't know from which village of that name it was, but I think it was in Gloucestershire.
My grandfather married a young widow, a Mrs Battersby, whose maiden name was Toye, by which marriage the Warners were connected with the Toyes.  She soon died leaving two little boys - Henry and Ebenezer, my father, Henry being the eldest.  Grandfather soon married again.  This time to a relation of Dr. Cox.  I don't know the exact relationship but I think a cousin, or a niece.  I don't know if her name [was] Cox, but I think my father called my brother Cox out of respect to Dr. Cox himself.
She (the second wife) had two daughters and a son named Charles, who went to sea and died of a fever.  The two girls became Mrs Vin and Mrs Freeman.  I believe they are both dead.  After that my grandfather married again and had several children who all died young except Charles, who was educated at Christ's Hospital Blue Coat School and was articled to a doctor and some years ago I heard that he was living in Coll???  Green, Bristol, and practising as a medical man.
My grandfather married again after his third wife's death.  His fourth wife had one son named Samuel Joseph.  My grandfather died soon after, I remember his death, it was in 1813 or 14.
I suppose Mr Warner wishes to know about the Blacker family as he is also descended from it.    The two brothers, Henry and Ebenezer married two sisters.  My grandfather, Blacker married when he was 70 years old [in fact it would seem he was 68, born 1715 and married 1783] and had four children.  My mother (Elizabeth) was the eldest, then Samuel the heir, then Mary and Sarah.  Mary married my uncle Ebenezer Warner.  Sarah married Thomas Colls.
As my grandfather married for an heir he left Samuel the most of the property, the daughters getting very little until their mother died when they got most of her money which was about 1,000 [pounds] each.
About the Blackers, I know very little; I was there on a visit not long before I left England.  They had their ? four sons - think I heard that they had a daughter who now lives with her brother in Bradstock, where he practices as a doctor.  I suppose the old people are now dead.'
W3/3.[2][3] Henry Warner II  =  Elizabeth Blacker
                     (1782 - 1868)  [m. 1804] (1784 - 1840)
[Refer to his separate section at W3/3.[2][3] to follow]
W2/3.[2]2 Ebenezer Warner    =   Mary Blacker
                  (1783 - 1866)   [m. 1805] (1786 - 1821)
[Refer to his separate section at W2/3.[2]2 to follow]