The Warner Bible:

This was donated to the Albany Museum in Grahamstown by Irene Toye Warner-Staples in about 1923 and is presently in their possession.  It is referred to as BEZA's BIBLE 1610 [see note of explanation to follow] and is claimed to have belonged to the 1820 Settler, Henry Warner.  However, it may have come out to South Africa with Irene in the 1920's, as many of the genealogical entries appear to be in her or her father's [Wiclif] handwriting.

Therein reference is made to entries concerning the Warner family in the Bristol Journals (or Bristol and Bath Journals) for the following years: 1783 and 1784; 1795; and each year from 1802 to 1810; then 1812 and 1813; and finally 1821.

Another note added by (presumably) Wiclif Warner reads: "This year 1903, I know of over 100 descendents of Henry Warner, born 1757, socially they range from Governors of Provinces to slaves - ignorance is the curse."

Notes concerning Beza's Bible:

To see extracts from correspondence from Mrs. Marijke Cosser, Genealogist, Albany Museum, dated 21.1.1989 and 26.1.1989 for her suggestions and information on this edition of the bible referred to on my original collection of family data.

Beza 1565 - Theodore Beza - New Testament translation from Latin. (Geneva 1565 (foloio); 2nd folio edition 1582, 3rd folio edition 1589; 4th folio edition 1598.)

The basis of Beza's text was Estienne 1551 with a few minor changes.  Theodore Beza was a prominent theologian and scholar in Geneva.  His text of 1598 was the one most often followed by the translators of the King James Version. For further details see 'The Reformed Roots of the English New Testament: The Influence of Theodore Beza on the English New Testament by Irena Dorota Backus (Pittsburgh Pickwick Press, 1980)

Mrs. Marijke Cosser also wrote as follows:

'The date 1610 may be a bit early, but judging from its cover, I surmise that a later owner had it bound and placed the letters on the binding: (in gold) BEZA's BIBLE.  Inside the cover is written:

Ebenezer Warner's Bible to 1866

Wm Toye Warner's Bible to 1900

Wiclif Warner's Bible to -

Another page in large handwriting: JOSHUA BANGS 1759

The printer of the Bible is given as Robert Barker, London 1610

I regret that other than this, there are no indications of ownership, or publishers etc.'