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[As Phillip recalls it: The Kingwells lived at a place called Hadley Wood, near Chipping Barnet, Hertfordshire.  He was an Architect and land surveyor and, in due course, was manager of the King's estates in that area.  He was also a prominent Freemason, being the third highest-ranking mason in the U.K. before the war.  Phillip and his mother visited the Kingwells during one of his parents 'home-leaves, while he was still at school.  They had a large house and property overlooking fields that stretched down to the railway.][Also see NF2 Lucy's recollections for the time that she and Janet stayed at Hadley Wood with their grandparents]
One of the stories Winnie would tell about the visit she and Dolly made to U.K. in connection with this inheritance was that the lawyer, who was acting as administrator of the Estate, casually asked if either of the beneficiaries were interested in a wooden handled seal and, in their ignorance, they said 'No'; he then suggested that he might be able to retain this himself.  It turned out that this was an important Masonic seal of considerable intrinsic value.  Two articles of interest that I recall Winnie bringing back with her from the house were a pair of very unusual china ornaments [&&?# NFd Query 6 -I think an elderly man and woman?] with nodding heads which, like her, I found very intriguing, and a surprisingly comfortable wooden chair, carved from a single tree trunk, and reputedly dating from the time of Robin Hood, perhaps even having belonged to him.