Contribution by Lucy Tarr:

At the end of 1926 he returned to South Africa and was posted as chief engineer in the South African Postal Service to the Eastern Cape. After about 6 months he was approached by the British Colonial Service to go up to Northern Rhodesia to do a survey prior to further extentions of their service in the territory. Once there he opted to stay on and joined the Colonial Service as Chief Engineer of N. Rhodesia. Much to the chagrin of the S.African Postal Service, 5 of their top men left to join Ralph in N.R.

In 1932 he married Winnie and they were posted to Broken Hill (now Kabwe) as it was thought that the capitol would be located there.

In 1935 Janet their eldest daughter was born. During this time Ralph travelled extensively through the northern parts of N.R and Winnie used to go along as well on some of the trips.

One story Dad always liked to tell was of three of his technicians who used to go to the Club on Saturday evenings. On one such evening Ralph & Winnie were driving home from the Club when they saw a most extraordinary sight. A series of new holes had recently been dug in preparation for the new telephone line going through to Kapire Mposhe. A man was supporting another along the road and when he had carefully placed him in a hole, he returned to the hole before, helped another man out and supported the second man to the hole along the road beyond the first man. Then returning, carefully helped the first man out and placed him in a hole beyond the second man. This went on for quite some time with Ralph and Winnie in Hysterics as they watched the progress along the road of three very inebriated young men.

Needless to say, Ralph had all three on the ?carpet? on Monday morning as he said they were setting a bad example to the ?natives?. However, he always said that there wasn't much entertainment for young men in Broken Hill as women were scarce.