Contribution by Lucy Tarr:

Another story told was about a visit they made to Bechuanaland to spend the weekend with Auntie Dolly and Uncle George. The Rudlands were living in camp as George was upgrading the Railway line through to Bulawayo. Of course the living arrangements were tents as the camp was constantly being moved forward.

The very first night after retiring to bed, Mother awoke to a snuffling noise inside the tent. As she was about to raise the mosquito net and take a look, Dad very quietly told her to lie absolutely still as there was a lion half in the tent trying to open the meat safe which was at the entrance to the tent. Of course mother was absolutely petrified and Dad said he was pretty frightened too.

However as the lion didn't seem to be making much progress, Dad suddenly shone the torch on him and made a loud ?shooing? noise. At this the lion hurriedly withdrew and left camp. Needless to say Mother & Dad left the next morning and never ever visited the Rudlands again while they were in Bechuanaland.

Yet another story concerns a trip up to the Copperbelt (on full 22 foot dirt road). Coming round a corner, Winnie and Ralph were confronted by what they thought was a small tree lying across the road. Slowing down in order to get out and move the tree, it suddenly came to life, reared up above the height of the Car roof and arching its back, took off into the bush. Winnie said it was the biggest Python she ever encountered as neither its head nor tail could be seen as it totally spanned the road.

Many a time during those trips, they had to camp at a river crossing as low level bridges were frequently swamped by flooding rivers.

When it was decided that Lusaka was to be the Capitol, Ralph said he could run his department just as well from Livingstone and they moved back there in late 1935.