Winnie wrote:
We were married in November 1932 and the four of us left Livingstone by train to Cape Town and boarded the 'Pretoria Castle' for six months in England.  Our headquarters were with Ralph's [parents] at Maidenvale and Doll and George went into Digs. We four did a trip to the North of England and Scotland [We also visited Phillip at Taunton School].
Sometime after Winnie's mother, Mabel, remarried in 1919, the family were living in Fairway, Livingstone at about the time of Dolly's wedding in 1932, but Mabel and Percy May left for England shortly after the wedding, about July or August on six months leave, so it was decided that all arrangements for the wedding of Winifred and Ralph would be undertaken by Mr. and Mrs. Bill Storm,  (he was the Postmaster General) although all expenses would be met by the bride's mother on her return.  Consequently they were married from the Storm's house in Beaufort Road and Bill Storm gave the bride away.

While Ralph was overseas, the British Government decided to move the Capital from Livingstone to Broken Hill, so we were about the first to move up [there] and after establishing ourselves and the whole Department, the British Government decided Lusaka was a better place for the Capital.  However, Broken Hill was much more central from the construction angle, so it was agreed we should stay, but the Post Office went to Lusaka.  Janet was born in Broken Hill on 17th May 1935

According to Winnie: ?The Northern Rhodesian Capital did not move to Lusaka until the end of 1933/4.  Originally it was sited in Broken Hill and that was why we went up there shortly after returning from England but the grape vine suggested it was changed to Lusaka because some Lord owned a lot of land in Lusaka!!  However, the Post Office Headquarters went to Lusaka.?
By 1937 the mines were producing and the Construction was nearing completion.  The Falls Power Station was being planned and, as Ralph was drawing up the Electricity Charters for both Northern and Southern Rhodesia and was a Consultant on the Falls Power Scheme, back we, and the Engineering Department went to Livingstone.  In the meantime we had been overseas again - I think Janet was about 15 months old.  Lucy was born in Livingstone on 18th September 1939,[ just after the war broke out].  Ralph was very busy during the War years and I worked in the office at the Police Training Depot where they were training the Askari for the campaign in North Africa.  We had a St. Helena nanny for the children.  In due course, after Kindergarten School in Livingstone, they attended the Girls' Boarding School at Choma and then went on to the Girls' High School in Wynberg [Cape] for their senior education.  Janet did a Secretarial Course at Seven Oaks in Kent and Lucy did her [nurses'] training at Addington [hospital] and Midwifery in Cape Town.

During this period the Federation of Southern Rhodesia, Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland was being muted and eventually in the early fifties it came into being.  Ralph was offered the job of Engineer in Chief of the Federation, so early in 1953 off we went to Salisbury.  We saw the break up of Federation, the heat turned on for Majority Rule in Southern Rhodesia and the taking of the U.D.I. [Unilaterial Declaration of Independence].

Ralph retired in 1960 and we went overseas together for the last time. [On our return] we bought a Market Gardening property in the Umgusi Valley, near Bulawayo, on the Falls Road and enjoyed those few remaining years together very much as, sadly, dear Ralph died on 12th April 1964 [in Bulawayo].  I had a wonderful husband, a wonderful and most interesting life and I would like to live it all over again

During the latter years of his life, Ralph suffered considerably from eye problems caused by lack of care by an Indian nurse when he was in hospital[Refer to NF2c - Lucy's recollections for details of this and Winnie's life after Ralph's retirement and NF2d for after his death]