When it was time for Ralph to retire in 1959, Winnie and Ralph did a farewell tour of the Central African Federation. It was the first time Winnie had visited Malawi although she had a very close friend who had lived there for many years. They both found it a very sad experience as everywhere they went, it was clear that Ralph was a highly respected and loved man in the Department.

They had thought of retiring to the South Coast of Natal and even bought a plot on which to build, overlooking St Michaels-on-Sea. However, Winnie felt that it was too far from Doll and George who had always played such a big role in their lives. Instead they bought a small holding at Umgusa, outside Bulawayo, where they were close to family and friends. Once again Winnie soon found friends to play her beloved Bridge with.

When Ralph died in 1964, a mere three years after they retired, Winnie was very loathe to move and so I gave up my job in Durban and took a job in Bulawayo, so that she wouldn't be alone. She was only 56 years old at the time!

In 1967 I went to work in Kariba and Winnie finally agreed to sell and move up to Salisbury. For 18 months she lived in the Guest house at Threadneedle House during the period that George Rudland was a Minister in the Smith Government. As far back as 1960, she had been involved with the Rhodesian Front as Secretary to Alec Moseley, who was MP for Nyamandlhovu Constituency.