Every Saturday night there was a dance at the Victoria Falls Hotel and Winnie & Ralph would travel to the hotel with Winnie on the back of the motorbike, holding up her dress as the dances were formal and everyone wore long frocks and dress suites. This went on for many months until Doll and George Rudland started going out and George had a car, which was then used to transport them to the dances.

Winnie and Ralph married in November, 1932 and the following year, they and the Rudlands went overseas for 6 months. They bought a car, which they used to tour around England in and when they were sailing back, they sold it on the dockside. Winnie and Ralph bought their first car, a Ford two-door with a ?dickie? at the back after they returned from holiday. Janet and I used to beg to be allowed to travel in the ?dickie? which Mother disapproved of but Dad was always very careful to drive slowly. At the age of 6, I was allowed to sit on his lap and steer - oh what joy!!!!!

Winnie and Ralph had a very happy social life in Livingstone and both played tennis and golf and because Ralph could play, Winnie learnt to play Bridge. She continued to play right up until the week of her death in June 2001.

One story which initially shocked me as young girl, concerned an evening during midsummer at a Saturday night dance. Of course the weather was extremely hot, even at 10.0pm. The hotel always doused the swimming pool lights at 10.0pm and Winnie, Ralph, Dolly and George decided to go for a swim and cool off. So off they sneaked. They hadn't got bathing costumes so all stripped to nickers and underpants and in they went. They had only been in the water about 10 minutes when the lights suddenly came on. Winnie said they all made a mad dash for the change rooms and emerged looking very sheepish to find the Hotel manager waiting for them. He banned them from the hotel for six months, having agreed not to tell anyone. Ralph of course was a very senior Civil Servant and such an escapade would have been very frowned upon.

With the Capital of the now Northern Rhodesia being moved to Broken Hill (now Kabwe), they moved north in 1935 and in May their first child, Janet, was born. It was a difficult birth with Winnie being in labour for 3 days and the baby was born looking rather ?blue?.