Winnie and her sister, Dorothy (Dolly) went to Primary school in Livingstone. The lady who ran the Primary school married a farmer called Lowe and when Janet & I went to school in Choma, she was the music teacher there and took all the classes for singing. I remember her as being as old as Granny May.

Winnie and Dolly went to Senior School in Bulawayo to the Evelyne School for Girls. Winnie's first House and Class Mistress was a Miss Tindall when Winnie started there in 1921 in Std 6. In 1948 Miss Tindall taught Janet in Standard 6 down at the Wynberg Girls High in Cape Town and she taught me in 1952 also in Std 6.

This must be some sort of record that three members of a family were all taught in Primary school by the same teacher and also by another teacher at the beginning of their Senior schooling. Especially as one member of the family was the mother of the other two !!

Winnie didn't really like Boarding School but did very well at music and took piano as a subject for her School Leaving Certificate.
The family were taken over to Europe in about 1923 on holiday - Winnie tells a story about being taken to the Casino in Nice (I think) [Phillip recalls this as Juan les Pain] and the imposing fa?ade made a lasting impression on her as a really beautiful building. Of course Grandpa May was a fluent French linguist, having grown up in Belgium.

In 1926 she went down to Cape Town to Secretarial College although she really wanted to go nursing.