Winifred Mabel Squires - born 1908 in the new Livingstone township hospital. She was the first child born in the hospital, which still exisits today as the Batoka hospital. Her father, Arthur Squires was the engineer in charge of the Cold Storage but also did further exploratory work for Rhodes up towards the Tanganyika border.

Arthur Squires had the first ?salted? horse in the Northern Territory. This meant that the horse had survived Sleeping Sickness and developed an immunity to the disease. The Squires family were also the first family in Livingstone to have a Donkey cart which came up from the Cape, I think. The girls used to go to school on the cart and there is a photo of this cart.

Although Winnie was the first European child born in the township of Livingstone, several children were born down at the Old Drift, which was on the banks of the Zambezi River about 4 kms upstream from the Falls itself.

Because of the Malaria, it was decided to move the township to higher ground away from the river and the first hospital was opened at the beginning of January 1908. There is still a graveyard situated in what is now a National Park, down near the riverbank, close to where the Old Drift was situated.