On her return to Livingstone she joined the Post Master General's staff and was soon promoted to his personal Secretary. At the end of 1927 Ralph Sturman was seconded to the Colonial Service as Engineer-in-Chief for a development project. Granny May wondered when she heard the name if he was the son of Arthur Squires' old friend - Edward Sturman, which of course he turned out to be.

Winnie asked for a transfer to the Engineering department as she felt it might be more interesting work because of the expansion project.
We always teased her that she took dictation while sitting on Ralph's knee. The truth is that Grandpa May was very strict and rang a bell at 10 pm at which time the girls in the family had to be back home.

Ralph became a frequent visitor and Granny made the girls cook for their male visitors. Winnie wasn't very keen on cooking and after they got married, Ralph made her promise NEVER to dish up Baked apples again and she never did, even though Janet & I begged her to.

With an enlarged family after Granny May remarried and then having another baby, all the girls had various chores to do. Winnie's was putting away the washing, which she loathed doing, and also setting the bread ready for baking the next day.

In 1929 Winnie was the first girl to own a motorcycle in Livingstone and she said that she had a lot of fun. Ralph didn't have motorised transport when he first arrived in town and as his ?digs? were not very far from his office he used to walk to work.