Margaret Catherine Forrester Murray = Charles Alexander Robertson
  (1909-1996)                               [m. 1932]                          (1905 – 1977)
Their eldest child of John and Winifred Murray, Margaret Catherine Forrester Murray was born in Middleberg on 2nd March 1909 and died on 18th April 1996 in Cape Town. She was married on 6th February 1932 in Cape Town to Charles Alexander Robertson, who was born on 3rd October 1905 in Cape Town and died there on 16th September 1977. He was the son of William Robertson and Catherine Robertson nee Kinnes. He attended school at Portabella, outside Edinburgh, Scotland.   As an adult, he was a municipal employee of the Cape Town City Council for many years. They had only one daughter:
(a)    Phyllis, who was born in Cape Town on 7th May 1939 and she married Theophilus William (Bill) Spooner on 28th March 1964 in Colchester, U.K. He was born on 26th November 1932 at Hadley, Suffolk and was the son of Theophilus Spooner and Blanche Spooner nee Hubbard. He was an architect and they had three sons: 
 Their eldest, (i) Theophilus Andrew John Spooner, was born in London on 15th January 1965 and married in 1992 in Cape Town; the second, (ii) Stewart William Robertson Spooner who was born on 6th August 1966 in Cape Town and the third, (iii) Grant Duncan Murray Spooner, born on 25thNovember, 1971 in Johannesburg.
There were two particularly distressing events in Margaret Robertson’s life and both were brought about through the effects of war. A month before the end of the Great War, in September of 1918 she, her mother and two sisters were on board the ‘Galway Castle’ when it was torpedoed (for details, see the account under the section above concerning her mother) and the second event was shortly after the Second World War.