Many years later, she travelled with her father and sisters to South Africa and married John Murray on 12th February 1908 in Johannesburg.  He was born on 27th April 1873 in Pitlochny, Scotland and he came out to South Africa at the time of the Anglo-Boer War.  He was a railwayman and the son of John Murray and Elizabeth nee Dowes.  He eventually became a stationmaster and they were consequently transferred to various parts of the country as can be seen from the different places where their children were born.  They were living in Germiston, Transvaal when the First World War began and, being very patriotic, John Murray was quick to join up, becoming a Regimental Sergeant Major in the South African Expeditionary Forces and when he was posted overseas his wife and children moved to England.   By about September 1918 when he was in Hospital in Glasgow, passages were booked on the fated Galway Castle, for her and their three daughters, to return to South Africa.