Contribution by Lucy Tarr:

Winnie Nolan (
Murray) travelled with me by train to Rhodesia in 1966 after I had been down on holiday. She said that she had never been to Central Africa before and would I take her with me, which I gladly did. She had no Passport but the Authorities waived the necessity and gave her a temporary exit/entry permit. We had a compartment to ourselves and it was a journey made short by the reminiscing of the old lady. During the journey she suddenly rummaged in her handbag and held out a small diamond. She said she wanted me to have it as I was being so kind in taking her on holiday. I was reluctant to take it as I really didn't feel what I was doing, warranted such a gift. However she was insistent and then told me its history. She said that her husband had given it to her and that he told her it was the third diamond ever found at the early Kimberley dig. I don't know how true this is and the diamond is not flawless but a couple of years later I had it made up into a ring with two cultured pearls which came out of an oyster Janet & Oliver brought back from Mauritius for me.  I have worn the ring many times over the years and love the story about its early history!

Winifred left her home in the complex near the school [&&?# name of school ? NFd Query 7] where  [ &&?# NFd Query 7was it George attended?] 
No: 42, Pomona Gardens, Highbury Road, Hillcrest, Natal, and moved into a granny flat, which had been built on the property of her younger daughter, Lucy, where she remained until she died on 5th June 2001 at 2.15 p.m. at the Westville Hospital.  She had fallen and broken her shoulder a week (?) before, but on that Sunday she managed to talk to most of her immediate family; her elder daughter, Janet, and her granddaughter, Angela, both in Australia by telephone and directly to her daughter, Lucy and her family which, no doubt was a comfort to them all.