Winifred and Ralph Sturman had two daughters:

(i) Janet  Mabel Sturman, who was born at Broken Hill, Northern Rhodesia on 17th May 1935 and she married Oliver Arthur Payne on 3rd December 1960.  He was the son of Arthur Charles Payne, who started Puzy & Payne as a bicycle shop and which became a leading motor firm; his father still owned the business when he died.  His mother, Muriel Constance Payne nee Oliver, came from a Kimberley family of four girls and their father was Mayor of Kimberley and a Member of Parliament and had been the Manager of the Wool Board in London, before he came to South Africa. He was born on 14th July 1926 in Bulawayo and went to school in Rhodesia and then Michael House in South Africa.  Later, he became a farmer. He died 29th March 2009. They had two daughters: (a) Clare Winifred Payne,  born on 21st July 1963 in Bulawayo, who married Richard Wyatt Goodall and (b)  Angela Janet Payne, who was born on 20th December  1967 and she married Stephen Holloway and they also have two daughters, named Jackie and Jessica Lee.

Janet and Oliver, and also their daughter, Angela, Stephen and their two granddaughters emigrated from South Africa to Australia.  Janet and Oliver first tried to settle in Tasmania, but moved to South Australia and built a home in Victor Harbour, near Adelaide and their daughter and family went to Townsville in Northern Queensland.
Winifred and Ralph Sturman's younger daughter,
(ii) Lucy Eva Sturman, was born on 18th September 1939 in Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia and she married Nathaniel Ayliffe Tarr on 15th March 1969 in Salisbury.  Nat was born on 26th December 1938 in Enkeldoorn, Southern Rhodesia. His family were decended from the Tarrs who came out to South Africa with the 1820 Settlers. Lucy has made a significant contribution to this record of the Nolan Family, much of which was sent to me by e-mail on 10th March 2002, with this preface:

'I think the best thing for me to do is give you the information as I remember hearing from a little girl and subsequently from Granny May and Auntie Winnie as a teenager and then when I lived at home in 1961, 1964-1967 and 1969-2001 from Mother.'

 Lucy and Nat also had two daughters:

(a)    Adrienne Janet Tarr, born on 25th May 1971 in Salisbury and
(b)   Heather Lucy Tarr, born on 17th November 1973, also in Salisbury.