c.1.Harold Martin Adam who was born on 29th September1909 in Johannesburg and died on 15th October 1987 in Natal.  He was married on 21st December 1942 in Johannesburg to Luise Matthea Margrethe Rosenbrock, who was born on 25th October 1909 in Heildelberg, Transvaal and died in Salisbury, Rhodesia in 1977.  They had three children:
(i)                  George Bernard Liddell Adams, born 18.6.1947, Johannesburg, married 16.11.1968 in Salisbury to Jennifer Alcock.  They had two children.
(ii)                Harold Martin Liddell Adams, born 9.11.1948, Johannesburg, married 27.2.1971 in Salisbury to Jill Marion Calclough, (born 26.2.1948, London).  They had one child.
(iii)               Ruby Louise Liddell Adams, born 21.8,1953, Johannesburg.
In 1971 Harold was living at Masefield Road, Strathhaven, Salisbury, Rhodesia.  Apparently, Luise had two brothers, both surgeons, practising in Johannesburg and 'of great repute'.