Shortly after Martin's death (13.9.1927), at the end of that year or beginning of 1928 Sarah's daughter, Mabel and grandson, Phillip, sailed across to Sydney in order to help Sarah pack up her home there and to bring her back with them to Cape Town. They returned to South Africa in 'S.S Runic'.

We have a photograph of the three of them aboard this ship.

In 1929, Sarah Nolan nee O'Meara lived in Court Chambers, which was up from Parliament Square, (probably on a corner of Parliament Road and Church Square) near the Houses of Parliament and behind the old Supreme Court.  Then, just after the Fire station was built in 1934 she was living in Main Road, Salt River about where the General Electric Company is now and by 1939 in one of Mossop's cottages in St. Andrew's Road, opposite the house belonging to her daughter, Winnie Murray.  As she became more infirm in about 1944, she moved into the home of her eldest daughter, Mabel May, in Rouwkoop Road, where she died on 17th November 1944 and was buried in the Plumstead cemetery, in the same plot as her son-in-law Jack Murray.  In 1962 her daughter Mabel May was also buried in that family plot.