In  1971, a letter addressed to the Registrar of Births & Deaths at the Registrar General's Office requesting information concerning Martin Nolan who was born in County Mayo and Sarah O'Meara, who was born in Dublin, produced 3 printed replies each of which stated that 'civil registration of Births/Deaths in Ireland only came into operation on 1st January 1864.  There is no record of any birth/death in this office which occurred prior to that date'.  As far as births were concerned it was suggested 'information required may possibly be obtained from the records kept by the clergy of the parish in which the birth took place'.  However, a request for information made to the Archbishop in Dublin did not elicit a reply.   Because of this, the details of the family in Ireland are very sketchy, but are as follows:
Martin Nolan was born in either 1853 or 1857 in County Mayo and he worked as a farm hand until after he left Ireland. He was the son of Anthony Nolan, a farmer and Bridget Nolan nee Durkin.  He was married on 24th August 1881, in Sydney, Australia and became a builder and plasterer. He died on 13th September 1927, when they were living in Blanche Street, Oatley, of Gastric Carcinoma, and was buried in the Roman Catholic Cemetery, Woronora.  On his gravestone mention was made of a regiment to which he belonged in1879, but the name was illegible. His death certificate states that at the time of his death he had been living in New South Wales for 48 years.
Contribution by Lucy Tarr:
The children and subsequently the grandchildren feared Martin Nolan when they used to visit Australia. He was known to have a violent temper, which landed him in a lot of trouble at times.