Martin Nolan married Sarah Jane O'Meara, who was born in about 1858 in Dublin.  She was the daughter of Robert O'Meara, who was the Senior Constable in Dublin and Catherine O'Meara nee Armstrong.  Sarah died in Cape Town, South Africa on 17th November 1944.  She had given birth to nine children, but one boy and three girls whose names are unknown had died in infancy.  The remaining five were as follows:

N1/2.[1]1 Winifred Maud Nolan, was born in1882, in Sydney and died there before 1883;

N1/2.[1]2 Mabel Helene Nolan was born in 1883 in Sydney;

N1/2.[1]3 Winifred Katherine Nolan was born in 1885 in Fitzroy, Australia;

N1/2.[1]4 Ruby Ellen Nolan was born in 1886, in Cork, Ireland; and

N1/2.[1]5 Anthony Nolan, was born in 1889 and died in 1959 in Sydney, Australia. (Unfortunately, to date, no further information concerning him has been obtained, but some few details are given by Lucy Tarr - see NF2 and it is known that he visited Cape Town in 1934/5, staying with his aunt, Winnie Murray, when she was living in Maitland and her husband, Jack Murray was station master there. [The stories of the others are told under their different sections.]

Contribution by Lucy Tarr:

The three Nolan girls were known in Johannesburg as the prettiest girls in town. I have a very fine colour portrait photo hanging in my hall, which belonged to Mother.
  ?# NF1a Query 1 Anthony (Sonny) born 1889 but your story of his being 18 months old when Sarah and he left Johannesburg is hard to place in context - see my e-mail of 7th March 2003 detailing my dilemma! ??)