Written by Winnie  (dated 6.3.1989):  ? I remember when the news was received that Martin Nolan had died [in 1927] ? [and] on the way to Australia Ma got very friendly with two girls, Clare and Dora Knowles, whose family owned big cotton mills in Lancashire and on their return journey to England they were going to the Falls Hotel for three or four days.  Ma told them to contact Pa and he would show them around the area, which they did.  Dora married a chap called Palmer high up in the Navy, and knowing that Civil Servants had overseas leave she gave us an open invitation to visit the Knowles family when we came over.  It so happened that Dora and I got quite pally during the time we were showing them over the [Victoria] Falls and Livingstone and we wrote to each other.  When Ralph and I got married and were going to England on our honeymoon Dora invited us to come up and see them.  And it so happened that Ralph had to go up to the North on business and we stayed at a very posh hotel in Liverpool and the Palmers came to dinner with us and we went and spent a day with them.  They had a daughter, Audrey, who eventually married the manager of the Lauderdale Tea Estates in Nyasaland and Audrey and I correspond to this day.  Dora and Clare are both dead.  Audrey was down here about two years ago putting her daughter to the University and Lucy and I had tea with her at the hotel.  Her husband, Andrew, was retiring the following March and they were going to live in Scotland.