N1/2.[1]2 Mabel Helene Nolan   =   (1st) Arthur Squires.
       (1883 - 1962)         [m.1907]           (1871 - 1918)
                                                       =   (2nd) Percy Augustus May
                                       [m. 1919]          (1879 - 19630
Mabel Helene Nolan was born on 30th December 1883 in Sydney, Australia.  At the time her parents were living at 19, Ada Street, Burwood and the birth certificate records that her father, a plasterer, was 27 years old and her mother, 26.  The birth was registered on 12th January 1884 at Canterbury, N.S.W. [New South Wales] She was brought up in the Roman Catholic religion and although there is no confirmation of this, it is presumed that she attended a convent school, where she would have learned the three 'R's.  Her writing remained firm and legible throughout her life.