Contribution by Lucy Tarr:

During 1962 the family (Mum, Dad, Aunt & Uncle George) came down to stay at Hermanus. In 1961 Mother had gone to Cape Town to look after Granny May who was not at all well. By the following year her Pancreatic Cancer had spread and she had to be admitted to the Wynberg Hospital. Grandpa May had kindly given me his car so that I had transport and could visit them when I was off duty. The Sunday she died I went to the hospital and spent the morning with her until the Ward Sister asked me to leave. I was reluctant to do so as I could see that she was sinking and didn't want her to die alone. I remember stopping at the Monument for about 2 hours, thinking that I would return, but when I found a phone and contacted the Ward, Sister told me she had just passed away. It was a huge blow to me and I regret that I didn't insist that I stay but I was young and inexperienced. I vowed never ever to let anyone tell me not to stay with a dying relative again.

Mabel and Arthur Squires had two daughters, the eldest
          c.1 Winifred Mabel Squires was born on 9th January 1908 in Livingstone and she was the first white girl born there.

The second child of Mabel and Arthur Squires was:

          c.2. Dorothy Gwendoline Squires, who was born on 3rd June 1910 in Putney, England.