The second child of Mabel and Arthur Squires was:

c.2. Dorothy Gwendoline Squires, who was born on 3rd June 1910 in Putney, England.  After attending Everlyn School in Bulawayo, as a boarder like her sister, she found employment with Ellis & Co.[&&?# NFd Query 14 was this in Salisbury, Bulawayo or Livingstone? Any further information?
In 1928 Dolly started working for the Lands and Surveys Department in Livingstone.

On 7th June 1932 , in Livingstone, Dolly married George Wilburn Rudland, the son of Thomas Wilburn Rudland O.B.E. His father was born in 1867 in Sunderland, England, and was a Rhodesian Pioneer; his mother, Louisa Rudland nee Dobson, was born in 1878 at St. Annes on Sea, Lancashire, Thomas Wilburn Rudland was a bugle boy who went up with the pioneer column to settle Rhodesia.[I have a note saying Henry Rudland married a Miss Wilburn but have nothing else on this]
From Winnie's recollections:  After Dolly and George were married, George was laying the strip road from Salisbury to Marandellas, so Dolly's introduction to married life was living in a caravan on the job.  Then, the four of them, that is Ralph, Winnie, Dolly and George, travelled together by train to Cape Town and then on the 'Pretoria  Castle' to Britain for a six month stay.  George and Dolly went into a boarding house, toured around southern England, visited friends and then joined up with Winnie and Ralph to drive up through the north of England to Scotland together in the car that George had purchased for twenty pounds and which he sold for the same amount from the dockside as they left for home on the 'Edinburgh Castle'.  They visited Phillip at Taunton school when they passed through Somerset.

Winnie also wrote: "Dolly and George mostly lived in tents and camp life as George was laying strip roads, [involved in] railway construction, the Livingstone Aerodrome and a bit of gold mining for old man Rudland."