Thomas Wilburn Rudland (Tony) and Adrienne Church had two sons, both born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, (a) Simon Rudland, born 1.5.1970, and (b) Hamish Rudland, born 17.1.1972
Adrienne Rudland wrote on 23.10.2001: We have two sons, Simon and Hamish and they are in the transport/entrepreneurial business together and have been highly successful.  Their buses are 'what the people want'.  They intend to stay [in Zimbabwe] and Tony is happy also.  This is his country.  We will translocate, in time, to Harare to a house Tony bought from the Trust at the death of his Mother.  In the long term this will give us better medical facilities and we will be nearer the children and grandchildren.  Both boys are married, Hamish was this last May, Simon was 9 years ago and we have 9 and 7 year old granddaughters.  My Father died this past February and my eldest brother, aged 55, died 2 years ago of colon cancer.  My Mother lives in Palmerston North and I have a brother & his family in Tauranga, New Zealand.
[Details of the May Family, and the connection through the marriage of Mabel Helene Squires nee Nolan to Percy Augustus May are given under a separate section.  See M2/5.[4][5]]