[&&?#  NF1d Query 15 - I have very sketchy information on George's family from here;  went to Kenya, when?  Returned to Rhodesia, when? Started Construction business ? what exactly, etc ]
George Wilburn Rudland was born on 19th October 1910 at Elandskop, Natal and he died on 5th September 1977 in Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia.  He had two sisters, Kathleen, born 24.10.1901, married in 1925 in NFd Query 16 Kimberley(?) J. T. Pilcher, who was a farmer and Dorothy, born 1905, married 1929 in NFd Query 17 Kimberley(?) Alexander Marshall, but they were divorced and Dorothy then married (Query 17  NF1d ?C.name?) ? Cooper.&&?# NF1d Query 18 GEORGE'SCAREER? FARMS>>> HOUSES>>> CONSTRUCTION etc ?????  [I need a lot from Betty and hope that once she is settled she may find time to assist]
Dolly and George had three children:

(i) Jennifer Helene Rudland,
(ii) Betty Louise Rudland,
(iii) Thomas Wilburn Rudland (Tony)