(ii) Betty Louise Rudland, born 26th June 1937 [NF1d Query 19 Where? Schooling? Etc?]

She married Alberto Antonio Casciati on 30th December 1960 in Bulawayo. He was born on 14th August 1932 in Malan, Italy and became an accountant. Betty and Alberto had three children (a) Belinda Dorothy Casciati, born 4.12.1961, in Bulawayo; (b) Renata Blandinia Casciati, born 14.2.1963 in Bulawayo and (c) Anton George Casciati, born 16.2.1967 in Johannesburg.

Betty Casciati wrote on 29.10.2001: ?Jen and family have many squatters and can no longer farm. My son-in-law is also having a very bad time; thank goodness they have moved to town. Tony and Ade have 'them' [the blacks who invaded farms demanding to take them over from the owners, mostly ex-terrorists] almost in their front garden. It is all extremely stressful & how the farmers have managed to keep their cool is a real miracle.?