M3/8.[8]A Eric Freemantle May,
Born 9.10.1976 Crail, Scotland
Married 11.1.2003 Jane Elizabeth Moir
She is the daughter of Geoff and Susan Moir of Shelley, Perth,
Western Australia
The service was at the Bishop Road Reserve, Dalkeith.
The reception was held at the Darlington Estate Winery, Darlington.
Eric attended the Mount Pleasant Junior School and Applecross Senior School, then joined the R.A.A.F. for one year’s military training, prior to taking his degrees at the University of Western Australia. 
He married Jane Elizabeth Moir in 2003 and they have one son and two daughters:
Fergus Moir May       b. 21.10.2005 Perth, Western Australia
Rhianon Moir May     b. 27.3.2008 Perth, Western Australia
Harriet Moir May       b. 6.6.2010 Perth, Western Australia    
From: The Melville Times – 25. 4. 2000
Eric wins research award
Applecross PhD student Eric May has been awarded a $10,000 scholarship to help with his research project that has the potential to save the petrol industry money.
Mines Minister Norman Moore awarded the Minerals and Energy Research Institute of Western Australia (MERIWA) scholarship to Eric recently.
‘Eric’s research holds potential benefits for the petroleum sector’ Mr. Moore said.
‘He is working towards devising a new, less costly, more convenient and more accurate measuring apparatus that may maximise gas recovery at natural gas reservoirs.’
Mr. Moore said the MERIWA scholarships encouraged students to further their studies and apply their research to the sector.
‘Eric’s research could have an impact on the state, national and international stage.
The research is important in advancing the petroleum industry in the state so we can continue to be the leader of the nation in this area and maintain our international competitiveness,’ he said.
The scholarships are awarded each year. Eric’s submission was picked out of 35 applicants.
‘All the submissions were high quality,’ Mr. Moore said.
‘This indicates a very strong interest and commitment to the industry from young students.’
 He went for 6 months on a research grant to an American university in 2000 or 2001 (?) accompanied by his future wife, Jane Moir.
Eric left Perth on a 2-year research and study grant with NIST (the Bureau of Standards) in Gaithersburg, near Washington, U.S.A. on 17.2.2003, arriving there after he and Jane spent their honeymoon skiing in Rumania.
Description of Eric and Jane’s wedding etc. sent to various friends, with photograph of the couple and his grandparents:
ERIC & JANE’S WEDDING on 11.1.2003
                                            Perth, Western Australia.
Our main news is of the wedding of our eldest grandson, Eric, who married an Australian girl, (of Scottish parents) Jane, in mid-January. The wedding service was not held in church, but in a park overlooking the SwanRiver – a delightful site, but not quite my style! The site, overlooking the water with lots of small sailing craft, was very attractive and the music, provided by two wind instrumentalists, was pleasant. The service was followed by champagne, and a really scrumptious cake, (chocolate and marbled, not a crumb left over!) plus a photo session. Phillip decided against attending the next part, but I went with Peter and Heather to the dinner/dance reception held in the hills east of Perth. There was a bus laid on to take those who wished to avoid driving home (and the booze-bus) late at night. Eric, who was born in Scotland, decided he wanted to wear a kilt, which both he and his best men did, and very splendid they all looked. Jane wore a pretty cream-coloured dress and was attended by her two sisters in red. The two-musician band played lots of Scottish tunes and encouraged the dancers into a mix of Scottish and line dancing, calling out the movements, so it was all very noisy but enjoyed tremendously by the participants.