Research achievements
After a honeymoon in Rumania, they are now in USA for 2 years at the Bureau of Standards (NIST) in Gaithersburg near Washington, USA. He was offered a research
grant following on his invention of a very exact method of measuring, which may prove of value in the petroleum and similar businesses. On 24th September Rupert Murdoch will present Eric and a young Chinese colleague with silver bowls at the meeting for the Association for their Fellowship funds and each will give a speech – presumably of thanks.
Eric at presentation with Rupert Murdoch 
                                            ANNUAL BENEFIT DINNER.
The prime purpose of the American Australian Association Dinner is to raise funds for the Association and, in particular, its Education Fund. ……….
Rupert Murdoch AC, Chairman and Chief Executive of News Corporation and a Patron of the Association, made presentations to the Fellows, who spoke about their research and studies.
[Other Fellows photographed and named in the article were: Dr. Cuong Tran and Dr. Dan Siskind]
Extract from Eric’s e-mail letter of Sunday, 28 September, 2003:
‘Last Wednesday Jane and I returned to New York to attend the Annual Benefit Dinner of the American Australian Association. This is a black tie event hosted once a year to raise money for their Education Fellowships, the first of which I won last year. Ticket range from $25000 to $600 depending on how much of a contributor you are – the dinner raised about $1.3 million and about 500 people attended, including Rupert Murdoch, Greg Norman and Alexander Downer! Fortunately our tickets were free. Rupert Murdoch presented me with a silver bowl on stage and I gave a 2 minute speech saying thankyou and mentioning the work that I am doing here…. I had my photo taken with Rupert Murdoch and the other Fellows. I wore my kilt again (third time this year) and received several compliments. You can read more about the dinner at ….
The other news that I got recently was that I passed my PhD thesis at distinction level with no corrections required. The examiner’s comments were very complimentary and I am thrilled with the result – all the hard work paid off!! So there are now two Doctors in the family.
NOTE: [In 2004 Eric and Jane returned to USA where he is working for NIST near Washington – details need to be added]