MF3 - THE MAY FAMILY - Phillip Alistair May
M3/6.[5][7]Phillip Alistair May =  Ruth Frances Freemantle.
                      (1922 - 2013)      [m. 1949]      (1928 - 2021)
Phillip Alistair May was born on 12th July 1922 in Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia. He was the son of Percy Augustus May and Mabel Helene Squires nee Nolan and was the only child of this marriage.  His parents had both been married previously but their spouses had died some time prior to this marriage when they met in Livingstone and married there in 1919. [See section under Mabel Helene Squires - NF1/]. Phillip died 24th October 2013 in Perth Western Australia aged 91 years.
At the time of Phillip's birth his Mother was 39 and his father was 43.  He was christened on January 1st 1923 at St. Andrew's church in Livingstone.  However, there was always some confusion regarding the spelling of his name 'Phillip' as the birth and christening certificates differed on the number of 'l's' in the name.  His godparents were (his uncle by marriage) John Liddell Adams, the husband of his mother's sister, Ruby, and Muriel Mag [Other godparents untraced].  At the time of his birth his two older sisters (his mother's daughters) Winnie and Dolly were in Livingstone, aged 14 and 12 respectively and his father's four children were still in England; Victor aged 20, Girlie 19, Doris 18 and Jack still at school also 14 years old.
By all accounts he had a happy childhood there, in the Colonial atmosphere near the Victoria Falls.  However, it was accepted that, because of the climate and distance from Britain, Colonial servants were permitted to take extended 'home leave' every three years and this entailed quite a bit of travelling during his youngest years as they visited relatives in England and his Grandmother in Australia.  In 1923 the family, that is his parents, and his four half-sisters went to UK and after seeing some of the May family in England, they holidayed at Shoreham, returning to Cape Town by ship where he, his mother, Winnie and Dolly broke their journey in order to visit members of his mother's family, while his father, Doris and Girlie returned directly to Livingstone.   In about 1925 his half-brother, Victor, also joined the family in Livingstone, obtaining employment with the railways.