As his grandfather, Martin Nolan had died in Sydney on 13.9.1927 aged 70, Phillip and his mother sailed to Australia on the 'Runic' in 1927/8 to visit his grandmother, Sarah Jane Nolan nee O'Meara, who at that time was 69 or 70 and she was still living at 5, Blanche Street, Oakley, Sydney, Australia (in the Kogaran municipality).  This was a house that had been built by his grandfather, Martin Nolan, and the Nolan's son Anthony was also living in Sydney at that time, aged about 38.

Many years later (in 1986), when we arrived in Sydney, my niece Terry Freemantle took us to see the house, which Phillip remembered quite well, although he retained an impression of a much larger property, with empty land stretching from the front of the house quite a distance to where the ground fell away forming a river bed, small gorge or something similar.  This house, which had been built by Martin Nolan was the only old property still remaining in Oakley Street at the time of our visit, all the rest of this suburb was newly developed.   We also went to see Martin Nolan's grave in the Roman Catholic cemetery at Woronora where we found extra family information engraved on the tomb stone.

Of interest to us was the marked similarity between the older small houses in Sydney and those on the outskirts of Johannesburg and the reef, all being built during the same era, to the same architectural design and many by the same builders who moved from one country to the other seeking work, as Martin Nolan had done.