From 1958 to 1960/1, Phillip was working with, and from, the premises of Kalley Flooring in Voortrekker Road, Cape Town, establishing a connection with Spence Embree in USA, and using his 'Wipe-On' products for applying finishes on flooring, 'Zoll' cleaner and also paints, which he started by importing and decanting at the farm.   Then he formed the 'Perma-Brite' business and moved to a small factory near the Cape Town docks in order to manufacture these products under licence.  He remained there until the end of 1962, when the factory was moved to van der Stel, near Somerset West and production continued until 1969 when the business was sold to A. J. North & Son in June.  Phillip was under contract to them for six months, working in Cape Town and thereafter he retired although at the time it was intended that he start and run a retirement complex after purchasing a suitable site.


Three years after we moved the factory, John Africa, an employee of Perma-Brite when it was in Cape Town, came out to van der Stel (about 35 miles from his home) to say thank you to Phillip for all he had taught him during the years he worked with him - he had become a factory manager and on Phillip's advice restricted his family to a son and daughter. The son was apprenticed to a plumber and the daughter was a nurse - all of which he credited to Phillip's help and attitudes. At that time, all this was quite unusual for a Coloured man but the 'apartheid' system was already changing by then.  Phillip had taken him on as an inexperienced labourer and ex-fisherman and, as John claimed ' taught him how to work!'  Unfortunately Phillip was not at the factory at the time and the message had to be conveyed to him by me.