In about 1949/50 Phillip was working for the Prudential Assurance Co. under Mr Wriggly but he also went up to Rhodesia to investigate job opportunities and the possibility of immigrating there.  There he met up with Ken McFallen, (another ex RAF friend, whose father-in-law was McIntyre, an M.P.) who suggested Phillip join him in the estate/insurance business.  However, a further search for prospects took him on a trip with another ex RAF friend, Terry Frost (and accompanying them was Lillian Locke, wife of the South African golfer, Bobby Locke).  They drove up to Tete, into Nyasaland, to Lilongwe and to Lake Nyasa, looking for a suitable small hotel to purchase, but in the end nothing came of any of this.  While he was away, Ruth took baby Peter to stay with her mother's long time friend, Maud Waugh in Muizenberg, Cape.  Then in 1951, because Phillip was concerned for the welfare of his aging parents, they sold the house in Johannesburg and moved to the Cape, where he and his friend, Hubert de Burgh, started an insurance business with offices in Lyons Chambers, Loop Street, which lasted about 6 to 7 months, until De left to join his uncle who was farming in Rhodesia.


(De eventually immigrated to Canada, where he married and lived on Vancouver Island and we were visiting them there at the time of their anniversary on 28.6.1982.)