With all the travelling we did over the next four years I will just give extracts from my diary entries briefly as follows:
For 1984 the highlights  were:
'Back to Kuilsriver 1/1/1984. We continued discussing and making plans to leave South Africa, including where to go and how to maximise the amount of capital we could transfer out of South Africa. On 16/1/1984 we wrote to Peter and Andrew to finalise their choice over the division of Trust (on 28/1/ - made 4 copies of ?thoughts on investments' sent one to each son + ours; on 29/11 Specimen letters x 3 to send to Administers; on 31/1 x 3 registered letters with Power of Attorney and investment advice.  Posted on 4/2.  Warwick phoned re share purchases on 10/2 and Phillip typed letters to Andrew and Peter on 23/2.  Withdrew an amount of R 1600 from MPF a/c on 16/3 and Phillip wrote to Peter and Warwick on 22/3, then Phillip wrote to our three sons on 2/4 (posted by friend, Dan) and I wrote to all three 17/4.  Sent an Air Mail letter card from Phillip to Warwick on 25/4 and on 2/5 I wrote to all three sons). We left Kuilsriver on 14/5/ heading to Barberton, where we stayed until 5/6. (On 22/5 we placed the Trust Funds in the Merchant Bank) We received 31 replies to our advert re selling the motor home - despatched the Portapool to Peter & Heather in Cardiff - were house sitting for Edwards in Newlands 27/8 - back to Kuilsriver 21/9'
And for 1985 they were:
'Alexandra Louise May, daughter of Andrew & Christine was born in Melton Mowbray, Leics.  We bought a 'round-the-world-air-ticket'.  We were shocked to hear on 6/5 that Peter was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis.  We looked after a house in Kent Road, Newlands during June and another house in Milnerton during July.  We had the services of an excellent maid, Sarah, while in Newlands and, as the Government was encouraging all Coloured (that is mixed race) tenants, who were renting their sub-economic houses, to purchase and transfer them into their own names, Phillip was able to assist Sarah over completing the various forms and financial arrangements and she proudly told us how she was improving this home and its contents.  Then, early one Monday morning I heard her muttering crossly to herself as she started work and was concerned in case we had upset her in some way, but when I asked about the problem she showed me a picture on the front page of the Sunday Times newspaper.  The Government had recently lifted the restrictions on mixed race marriages and the picture showed a black man marrying a white girl.  'How dare this black man marry this white girl' she said.  This same photo had displeased Phillip the previous day and we knew that most groups preferred to keep to themselves and not intermarry, but I was surprised at the intensity of her feeling.  However, no doubt being of mixed descent herself, she understood the position better than most.
On 4/8 Phillip wrote to the boys regarding our trip to UK and the placing of the Trust funds into the Bank's care, to be remitted at their convenience.   We sold the motor van and Datsun about August prior to leaving for the UK and were in Cardiff on 21/9 with Peter & Heather and until they left for Australia. We remained for the finalisation of sale of their house and shipping of their possessions, before moving next door to stay with Rene and Stanley Gitsham.  We drove Peter's car to Old Dalby to see Andrew and Christine then crossed to France where we toured the invasion beaches, battlefields and war graves on the coast calling at Bayeaux to see the tapestry; then Carentan, Averanches and San Naizaire, then into Spain on 26/11, to Pamplona to Zaragosa, finally to Altea.   From the beginning of December we rented a house from Estate Agent Parry in Altea (at 135 pounds per month in Altea del Vieja), took a trip down the coast to Gibralta, Portugal and Granada and we rented an apartment in Denia for a month or two until 26 February 1986.
And for 1986:
From Denia we drove through Andorra la Vella to Barcelona, Andorra and back to France (Le Bugue, Limogue,Vervins, La Roche Guyon (Rommel's headquarters during the war) to Reims, and Jerez.  We arrived at the headquarters of Harveys Wine Cellars just on closing time for lunch.  However, Phillip persuaded the assistant to let us come in and after a quick tour around the cellars, we sat down and had a long chat to her about the growing of grapes in South Africa and so on, becoming so friendly that when we departed she gave us a large and a smaller bottle of Harvey's Cream Sherry to take with us, considerably more than the usual sample given to tourists!
We had to catch the ferry from Dieppe (and there we talked to an elderly, entertaining French lady at a garage about the Nazis in the war.  As she spoke no English but acted out all she wanted to tell us, like a small boy demonstrating the use of machine guns, it was an extremely entertaining interlude) We landed in Newhaven and went to visit Pearl & Hank at Folkington Manor.
This was a delightful old house and we were so pleased to make contact with them again.  Pearl told us she had first seen the house as a young girl out riding on the downs with her sister and had told her, 'One day I am going to own that house'.  We were impressed by the large well-kept garden, especially when introduced to the elderly, 72 year old lady gardener and her even older, 80 year old assistant!
We went to Manchester and on to Dumfries, staying from 9th to 15th May with Jack and Jean Nicols. In London we strolled, entranced through the silver vaults and viewed the Doomsday book and spent a morning in Kew Gardens, then back to Cardiff where we sold Peter's car; took the bus to Heath Row and by air via Holland (In Amsterdam for 4 days) on to Toronto on 10/6 (hired a car to drive round the west bank of the lake); and on to Vancouver 22/6 to stay with the Barnes. We took a quick side trip and were in Oakland with Warwick and went with him to Yosemite Park. It was at this time that we arranged that he should take care of the silver coins (Eagles and Nobles) until such time as we required extra funds.  Then we flew from Vancouver on 25/6 to Honolulu, toured the island and saw the Pearl Harbour site and memorial.  We stayed in Sydney for 8 days, but Phillip was not well while we were there nor when we were in Perth.   However in Sydney, we met my niece, Terry, and she drove us to see the Nolan's house and Martin's grave and took me out for dinner one evening.  We flew to Perth on 6/9 to stay with Peter and Heather and borrowed their van to take a look south, driving as far as Albany. On the way home, we were in Mauritius for two days, reaching Johannesburg on 10/9, where we bought the Granada car and drove down to Hillcrest, Umkomaas, Butterworth, and Addo visiting friends on the way.   We stayed in a rented flat in Green Point until we bought the duplex at Schoongezicht - moving there on 20/11.  Ivor & Marge Gwynne moved in next door and we met Margaret & Michael Hossack also living there; they had known Lennox when he was farming in Rhodesia.