We stayed in various boarding houses and the five of us, including Pa, had a very pleasant ten days on a motor yacht on the Thames. (See the stories under the sections on Andrew and Peter)  Also, Phillip went across to Germany on his own, a visit which provided a couple of anecdotes because he did not speak a word of German, so had to find out where he was by depending on using the fact that the German trains ran exactly to time.  He also picked up the German phrase to ask other passengers if they spoke English and, in one case, an attractive blonde not only helped him find his destination and hotel, but also gave him a tour around the city in her car that evening and described her war time experiences when Britain was bombing her home town.  He was very impressed by all the great activity and hard work he observed and by all the impressive rebuilding needed after the devastating destruction caused during the war.  In the rush of departure for Germany he had taken the wrong traveller's cheques, those signed by me, and ran out of money the day before he was due to return to UK, having nothing to eat but a bar of chocolate until he got on the ferry and could use his loose English coinage.


But he really had quite a lot of luck over his search for agencies, as he bumped into an old acquaintance (from his schooldays - whose surname was Bullitude) in London, who was with the B.I.F. (British Industries Federation) and so able to give him the names and addresses of a number of companies requiring agents, many of which led to agreements, such as Russell Hobbs, Chiltern Electrical, a manufacturer of kitchen gadgets such as bean slicers, and another (in Germany) unbreakable vacuum flasks.  Also, provided was the link to Floor Treatments in High Wycombe.  When Phillip visited the managing director there, Mr Howden was very impressed because Phillip told him he didn't believe they should be represented by an agent, but should try to manufacture in South Africa, which was exactly what Howden believed, so he said he was due to visit South Africa in the November and would take the discussions further at that time.  However, owing to a fire at the factory this visit was postponed until January.  Thereafter, Phillip and his partner, Keith Hitchins started by importing these 'Bourne' products in barrels and decanting them in the garages at 'Graystones' and the Hitchins' home.  After which they built and moved into a small factory in Kew Township, on a property owned by Keith's friend, a Mr Herr, who had a wrought iron works there and they started manufacturing there in 1956. At the end of 1958 Floor Treatments UK was sold to Reckitt & Colman and the local business was taken over at that time.   Phillip decided against remaining with this company, preferring to return to live in the Cape, which he did, after living in rented property in Bramley for 6 months, as Eric Freemantle had married Alice Letty, nee Tidmarsh by then.


Once again the family moved into the cottage in Roslyn Road, Peter started school at Monterey and Andrew was at a kindergarten in Claremont for six month, until the purchase was made of the small, 18 acre farm 'Eendracht', lying above Firgrove station, near Somerset West.