We were in Knysna looking for property for the development of a Retirement complex between there and Seigefield, when the Apollo 11 flight to the moon was announced on 20.7.1969 and we returned to Knysna in 1970 after sending a deposit for the purchase of a lovely small farm on the edge of the Swartvlei, overlooking the lake and with a little river forming one boundary, and next to an area protected by a nature (and in particular bird) conservation order.  It seemed ideal, but a visit later to the Knysna Council office revealed the unwelcome news, that the Estate agent had apparently misled us over a restriction preventing building on this land.  On our return to Cape Town we contacted lawyers about this problem but it took five years to sort it out!  In the end, as the case was due to go to the Supreme Court, the lawyer-cum-estate agent, Myer, agreed to return our money and cancel the sale.  So, on the day it should have gone to court, we were on board ship on our way to South America.  We had a bottle of champagne to celebrate!
[See under Andrew's section M3/7.[7[[9] for the family get-together at Oyster Bay for Christmas 1970 and for their care of our possessions in Gordons Bay during the huge storm that flooded the garage exactly a year after their marriage and it was certainly our good fortune that they had decided to spend that weekend at our house]