As we recall it, we bought the house in Gordons Bay in October, 1963 and that was quite a story.  I had really wanted to move from the farm because by that time we were both commuting to Cape Town each day so that I could help in the office/factory and the farm was left unattended except for the four labourers and, in addition, I was keen to live near the sea at Gordons Bay.  This appeared to be an impossible dream as the few houses right on the beach seldom came up for sale and Phillip, especially, felt there was no purpose moving to live up the mountain, which would bring little benefit as far as going to the beach was concerned, over remaining at the farm.  Then, one day, out of the blue he saw an advertisement for the auction of two houses on Beach Road extension, just where we wanted to live.  We went to inspect them and decided what we would be prepared to pay for the larger one.  People we spoke to thought our estimate was too high, so I was optimistic about the purchase, but when we joined the crowd awaiting the arrival of the auctioneer there was a rumour that a wealthy farmer was determined to have it at any price.  The bidding started and rose to seven thousand nine hundred pounds, then Phillip said, 'eight' and as that was our limit I waited fearfully for what was to come, because we always made it a rule not to exceed our estimated amount.  At that moment a stocky man stepped forward with his bid of 'eight one' and we had lost it.  As I was feeling rather disconsolate a lady approached and said to me 'You seem to be a keen buyer here, it was my husband that just bought the house and he has gone back to our place about six houses away (on Beach Road) to celebrate the purchase.  Why don't you go and talk to him now'.  So, that was what we did.  He introduced himself as Koos Delport, a retired farmer, and we began some negotiations.  He had just made a point of saying that we could have this smaller house but the price of 'five five' did not include the furniture (of course, we didn't want the furniture anyway) when there was a knock at the door and as he went to answer it, Phillip said, 'That's probably a buyer, tell them it's sold.?   Koos found an estate agent and his client on the doorstep as Phillip had anticipated, but Koos confirmed the house was sold.  When the agent asked at what price and was told, he said, 'We would have paid an extra thousand!'  To Koos' credit he simply replied that when he said it was sold, it was sold.  We had seventeen and a half years living in that lovely position, right on the beach, with the mountains behind and stretching away towards Somerset West and Helderberg mountain on the right and towards Steenbras River mouth on the left, where we could watch the sunset down road to the west or look over the bay towards Simonstown or observe the ever interesting attractions of the small harbour.