Much of the later information on the Warner family came in letters from Ruth Hall in Butterworth - 'Her letters always make me want to laugh - or cry'- a great character. 


4/1/1990 we heard Andrew and Belinda had arrived in Hong Kong - one month later than expected.  We were busy sorting out payment with Elliots re shipment of our possessions on the 'George Lyros' departing 5/3 and arriving approximately 22/3.  On 18/1 Almaz and Ken returned to South Africa.  Peter visited Warwick in Oaklands and returned home about 1st February with information the 'nobles and eagles' (platinum and gold coins) had been sold.  We had intended using this money to purchase a car. In March Peter started showing me how to work on the computer, on his programs JESS and JTH; on 3/5 we were working out the accounting/division of joint funds - mortgage and settlement on No: 46 signed on 23/4.  We went to customs dept. to clear our possessions - gun and jewellery were confiscated, but gun was eventually returned on 6/11; some items were damaged in transit.  On 26/4 we bought the Volvo, which was a big mistake.  Peter and family moved into 46 on 29/4 and our possessions were delivered 30/4.  In May our problems with Eurocars over the Volvo started and our anniversary celebration was a disaster.  In October we signed the contract with Jennings to develop on View Road.  On 23/10 Win phoned with news of Girlie's death on Sunday 21st Oct. On 25/10 Peter received a grant of $25K and on 3/11 British and French made contact under the Channel with probes from each end. During that month we met Pat and John Nicholson (he had been at the Bank in Cape Town with Phillip before the war) at Mary Broster's home. She was a distant relative, having married my father's cousin.  On 28/2 we heard from Madeleine that her father, Leslie Rodgers had died in UK.


The highlights for 1991 were:

The problems with Eurocars continued.  I sent a telegram to Warwick 29/1.  Hottest day ever recorded in Perth on 31/1. Plans and building on No: 21 proceed. Build up to war over Kuwait. We were trying to sell No: 46 in January.  War threatened in Middle East and on 17/1 American, British, Kuwait and Saudi Arabian planes launched an attack against Saddam Hussien and Iraq.   On 1/3 letter from Alan Embree to say his mother, Irma, had died.  Andrew was in Hong Kong.  On 24/3 Phillip went into Fremantle Hospital for removal of skin cancer on leg on 25th and skin graft on 27th.  On 22/5 Gandi was assassinated.  We took the title deed for 46 to Bank.  My hip problems started about May.  Demolishers quoted for No: 21 and moved in from 11th to 18th June and bulldozers on 3rd July. Janet and Oliver visited and stayed at Raffles from 20 to 27 July.  Continuing trouble with Volvo and Eurocars.  Building on No: 21 in progress in August and September and gardens laid out about October; stove and tiles stolen from Unit 2 building site in November. Len's son, Eric Freemantle (1st) marriage on 12/10


And in 1992 Andrew Eric Howard May married Belinda May Foreman on 6/3 in Auckland, New Zealand [Volvo problems - completed forms for Small Claims Tribunal - dossier and itinerary from diary - to court 10/3.]      


 After all the difficulties with Eurocars and the Volvo, they were finally settled in the Small Claims Court, which is done by an appointed lawyer acting as judge. Phillip had retained copies of all letters posted, phone calls made and taken extracts from my diaries concerning dates when problems with the car arose and these went to the court.  The garage owner, Mr Slater, had offered us a very old car in exchange and told us that we would loose any legal action we might take as he had always won every case brought against him.  There were just the four of us in the small 'court room' - Mr Slater, the lawyer-judge and us and the proceedings started with the judge saying to Phillip in what I felt was a very severe voice, 'There is no need for you to say anything.  I have read your papers.' He turned to Mr Slater and allowed him to have his say.  Slater rambled on for ages and it seemed to me he would 'blind' the judge with all this mechanical information and the accusation that Phillip did not know how to drive this particularly complicated car.  The judgement made was that we would have to accept the other old car, but in addition would receive $1000 as the difference in value.  We didn't like the old car but at least it ran and gave no trouble until we were able to replace it with the Mazda.  Our luck had really turned over by then because the lady owner sold it almost new to a dealer, who offered it to us at a well-reduced price.  It has certainly served us very well since then.


Also in 1992 we had quite a busy time as we received Tuffin's complaint re fence; Unit 1 garden laid and ready for sale on 29/3; No: 46 handed over to new owners 29/3; 31/3 to Specialist, Dr Hislop; to Fremantle for op 6/4; Cat Scan 13/4; Rockery and lawn in Unit 2 and moved down between 17/4 and 9/5; saw Dr Hislop 12/5; 13/5 car received from Eurocars; 18/5 Anderson asking $225K for No: 44; Operation 19/5; U2 House warming 30/5; 24/8 change of address for Andrew, and Belinda expecting Virginia; signed offer on U1 30/12.


In 1993 VirginiaRuth Janet May, daughter of Andrew & Belinda was born on 9/1 in Auckland, N.Z and two Warner cousins died - Selwyn's son, Harold about beginning of year and Claude's son, Ronald K W died in April. Then Peggy Adams died aged 78 on Easter Sunday, 25/4 Bernard had died in 1978 aged 68. On 31/1 we heard of Christine's remarriage.


As we needed $40k for bond on U2 we tried to get one at a couple of Banks, but without success, because we were not employed with a regular income. The large amount we could provide as collateral to guarantee security was not acceptable.  This, to our astonishment, was our introduction to a non-capitalistic country - jobs apparently were more secure than good quality shares!  We signed and took over ownership of Unit 2 on 8/3 after Peter helped us by using the bond on his house.


Our friend, Derrick Saunders gave us a painting done by him of Fremantle, which we chose because the scene was familiar to us.  An IRA bomb exploded in London on 25/4 killing 26. I bought the material needed for the candlewick quilts. Another ex- Rhodesian friend, Dennis Hoyes, brought a Sutherland table from UK for us, which arrived on 12/5, it was exactly the piece of furniture we really wanted and had been seeking for years.  When I was reading a book on Admiral Fremantle, it mentioned the Wynne Diaries so I got the first dairy from the library.  This gave me a lot of information on the Fremantle family and tree but, unfortunately, I was not able to read further diaries as these were only available to readers in the library of the Western Australian University and not allowed out on loan.  In June we received a letter from John to say that Kay had cancer of the oesophagus and another on 12/7 to say she had died. 


For further information on our lives from about 1994 onwards refer to the chronological list of data given separately under 'FAMILY DATES'.