Phillip and family were living in his mother's cottage behind her house at 'Bungalow', Roslyn Road, Rondebosch during 1951/2.  After the birth of Andrew, Ruth and the two children spent six weeks with her parents, then returned to Cape Town, but the infant was not thriving and needed to be taken to a specialist.  Her parents came to Cape Town on a short visit and stayed at the Vineyard, in Claremont.  Then at the end of that year, because of the difficulty in establishing themselves in the Cape, the family returned to Johannesburg and went to stay at 'Graystones'.


(In 1953 Phyllis and Eric Freemantle went to UK for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on 2/6 and visited Mary Flowers in Hull).


Meanwhile, Phillip was working for a firm of manufacturers' representatives called McGregor & Musgrove in order to learn that type of business.  This proved to be a very stressful time and he decided he would prefer a business of his own, consequently he sailed to England in about January, on the 'Cape Town Castle'  (a week after his father left for Britain as well, on another Union Castle ship) in order to look for suitable agencies and Ruth, Peter (aged 4) and Andrew (aged 2) flew to London in May to join them.