[Source: Sarah Day, 2002]
    Notes about John Herbert Newman:
This note was taken from Betty Lowries' family tree book:
"Captain Newman during 1914-18 World War was a business man and became very wealthy after inventing a twisted meat skewer to replace the previous smooth type.  He lived in London and Kent and I remember him breeding Welsh Sheep dogs as a hobby.  He married a French girl who became the first woman accountant to be appointed to work in a London Lloyds Bank, prior to her appointment Lloyds Bank had not employed women staff."
More about John Herbert Newman:
Address (Facts Page): 1895, Lambeth
Burial: February 11, 1938, Edington
Census 1: 1881, Edington - Scholar aged 11 years [Source: 1881 Census]
Census 2: 1891, Edington - Miller aged 21 years [Source: 1891 Census]
Christening: January 3, 1870, Edington, Wiltshire. [Source: IGI:.Fische]
Occupation 1: 1891, Miller
Occupation 2: 1901, Master butcher
Registered birth: December 31, 1869, Westbury and Whorwellsdown District by         mother.
More about John Newman and Florence May:
Address: [Marriage Page]:  John Herbert a batchelor of Slough and Florence Henrietta a spinster of Slough.
         Ages: John Herbert was 25 years and Florence Henrietta was 23 years
         Marriage: march 18, 1895, St Lawrence church, ? Upoton??Chatry, Buckinghamshire. [Marriage certificate]
         Parents (Occupations):  James John Newman a Gentleman and Charles May a travellor(sic).  Both signed.
         Vicar: C. Scahouse Ryder - assistant curate.
         Witnesses: William George Newman and Eliza Patrricice (Patience) May.
         Florence Newman nee May and John Newman had four children:
c.1. Margaret (Margery) May (or Mary) Newman, who married John Randell; and little else is known about her except that she died in 1953.  They had a son called John Randall.
      Margaret Mary Newman was born before 9.2.1896 in London
      Married John Randall between April and June 1918 in Kensington district.
                           Christened: 9.2.1896, Edington
c.2. John (Jack) James Richard Newman, born 21st.February, 1898 and died 16th.March 1973 at Redhill General Hospital, Reigate, Surrey after having a stroke and loosing his ability to speak.  He was married and had two sons and a daughter.
John James Richard Newman was born before April 5, 1898, 196 Tulse Hill; died between January - March 1973, Surrey South East district.
Christening: April 5, 1898, Edington.
c.3. Charles Herbert (Albert) Newman who was born on 1.6.1901 at Tulse Hill and he died 10.1.1977 at Barnet. [Information from the family claimed he was called Albert and had two daughters, but his wife's name was unknown to later generations]   He married Phyllis Mary Butler in 1938 at All Cannings.  She was the daughter of John Butler and Isabel Butler nee Newman and she was born 13.10.1905 in Wilsford.
       She died 7.5.1988 in Colchester and he died 10.1.1977 in Barnet.
      They had two children:
(a). Anne Mary Newman, born 23.5.1940; she married Keith    Green on 14.8.1965 in St. Peters, Arkley  He was born 193?
      Their children: (i) Timothy Green, born 23.3.1968; (ii) Katherine Green, born 24.7.1969 and she married Dominic Kilburn; (They have two children, Benjamin Kilburn, born 22.3.1999 and Ellie Anne Kilburn, born 15.11.2000) (iii) Richard Green, born 24.7.1969 and (iv) James Green, born 6.3.1972.
(b) Jane Mercy Newman, born 2.5.1945, Finchley. She married Robin Charles Henry Smith on 15.4.1967 in St. Peters, Arkley.  He was the son of Henry Smith and Annie Pratt.  He was born on 20.5.1940. They had two children:
(i)      Sarah Jane Smith, born 24.5.1968, at St. Johns Chelmsford;  and (ii). Stuart Charles Smith, born 29.4, 1970 at St Johns Chelmsford.
Jane Mercy Smith wrote on 7.5.2002:
' Charles and Phyllis [Newman] were cousins having the same grandparents - James and Mercy Newman of Edington, Wiltshire.'
      More about Charles Herbert Newman:
      Address: (Facts Page): 1901, 196 Tulse Hill, SW London
Burial: 14.1.1977, Hendon Crematorium
Registered Birth: July 13, 1901, Lameth District by mother
Marriage of Charles and Phyllis: 1938, All Cannings
More about Phyllis Mary Butler:
Burial: May 17, 1988, Hendon Crematorium
Confirmation: December 10, 1923, Pewsey church
Registered Birth: November 14,1905, Pewsey District by father
More about Robin Charles Henry Smith:
Education: North Weald Grammar School
Occupation: London University
More about Robin Smith and Jane Newman:
Marriage: April 15, 1967, St. Peters, Arkley
Attendants: Shirley Smith bridesmaid and John Buckingham bestman.
Parent's occupation: Charles Herbert Newman - retired.
More about Sarah Jane Smith:
Married David John Anthony Day on 20.7.1996 in Loose, Maidstone. He was the son of John Day and Alice Hewison and he was born 17.2.1961 in Easington, County Durham.
Children of Sarah Smith and David Day are (ia) Harriet Elizabeth Day, born 13.8.1998, Maidstone and (ib) William John Charles Day, born 11.10.2000, Maidstone.
[Source of all the above:  Sarah Jane Day 2002]